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Playing on secondary screen

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    Playing on secondary screen

    I don't know about you but I rather play on my 42¨ plasma then on my 19¨CRT mostly because of the comfort of sitting in my couch. Anyone know how to start UT3 on secondary display?
    Now I change secondary to primary everytime I play. Its not so troublesome but still would be nice to set Secondary as primary for UT3, and other games aswell.

    nvidia or ati? (i dont know for ATI...never owned one.)

    I use nvidia.

    I use SVHS cable from my GeForce 7800GS
    to my DVD Recorder
    you can do the same with your plasma screen.

    then when you run the game it automatically plays on both screens
    same with watching videos on media player and power dvd.
    both screens display the content.

    if nvidia youll need to enable a setting in the cards options .


    have fun!


      In UT2 there was an ini option "AdapterNumber" which let you set which logical graphics card to run on, but I can't find the equivalent in UT3. Another way to do it would be to press Alt-Enter to switch to windowed mode, move the window to the second monitor, then press Alt-Enter again to switch back to full-screen. That's a bit easier than changing driver settings every time.


        I don't seem to have that option on my 8800GT. I have the latest drivers, which shouldn't matter anyway.
        This is how it looks
        sorry don't remember code for imbeded picture, all other forum I am usually on do that themself.
        All advance options are on.

        Thanks Mr Evil (strange thing to say) I will try that.


          Nope it still jumps to wrong screen when I press alt enter again.


            If you need cables, this is a great place to get them too.

            I have three cables for various PC/laptops at my place.
            This is the one I use.

            One of my PCs main jobs is recording TV shows when I am asleep.
            It has two TV cards in it, then I play them back on the PC, and the picture setting in NVidia is set to clone it to my TV set in the other room.


              Thanks but I live in Sweden so those sites doesn't help much =P that and I already have the right cables. I use a DVI-HDMI to my plasma. I can't use clone because my CRT is 4:3 and my plasma is 16:9, it would be a problem with the ratio on one of my screens.


                try the "setup multiple displays" option.

                your card DOES have "video out" (meaning an additional output socket) correct?
                youll have to forgive me my brain isnt "HD Ready" hehe


                and i have no idea on HD setup not there yet.

                i have 17 in pc monitor for gaming,
                and a 27 in TV

                as far as 4:3 16:9 ....again out of my area..

                oh and the tag for screenshots to display here on the forum is [shot]


                  That card has exactly the same outputs. One DVI goes to my CRT through a DVI-VGA converter and my Plasma through the other directly (HDMI and DVI uses the same signal for picture). Cloning the screen is easy when you have the same aspect ratio, when you have different aspect ratio its gets worse. 4:3 is a regular screen and 16:9 is widescreen.

                  If I use "setup multiple displays" then I can only choose 720p or 1080i. SInce interlaced isn't an option when playing games 720p is the best. But true 720p has the resolution 1280*720. But my Plasma (and most 42¨ Plasmas) have 1024*768, that resolution is actually 4:3 but Plasmas doesn't have square pixels like LCD or CRT screens so it becomes widescreen by scaling. I want to run at the resolution 1280*768 since that gives the best picture while keeping aspect ratio.


                    doesnt your tv have some config screens where you can change the screen resolution?

                    1024x768 is not 16x9

                    run the star wars THX screen config its in the options when you load the dvd.
                    any THX dvd will have it
                    maybe your plasma isnt configged properly.
                    ( again since i dont own a HD or widescreen monitor, im out of my realm )

                    im thinking that your plasma should display a square picture and have black on each side.
                    maybe you can config from the driver settings?

                    and "clone" is the way to go.
                    thats how i setup.


                      just set the secondary screen as the primary monitor whenever you want to play. nevermind, you're already doing that.


                        As I said I KNOW 1024*768 isnt 16:9 but pixels on a Plasma is rectangular not square so the picture becomes widescreen.

                        Oh well guess I'll keep switching primary screen.