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.vCTF PUG Goes Live!!!.

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    .vCTF PUG Goes Live!!!.

    PUG's (also known as a "pick up game") are NOW open and available to anyone with a taste for organized vCTF gameplay. 5v5 or 6v6 action. Full voice over support (TS2), 14 man private Chicago server from - equipped with CustomUT, as well as a full and functional "PUGBot" scripted by the reknown Andromeda. (Also available in the channel is the GameRadius scrimbot, where you can find all your clan competition needs, amongst the TDM, CTF, and Warfare competitive communities)

    Custom maps coming soon with the latest patch, so be on the look out and feel free to foward any Custom maps that you run across out there and would like to see on the server.

    Just pop into the channel: #vctf
    On irc Network:

    Feel free to come in and support the community. Europeans are welcome as well.

    be good to have some of you vctf folks idle in the channel sometime. i know a few of the dudes i see in game within the NA crowd are registered here.. look forward to some organized pugs..