Okay, so I recently made a Gears of War map with two custom packages, and when people tried to load the map it did not work. They had to open it up in the editor and Build the map to make it work. And even then it ONLY worked in the editor. Was this because it was on Gears of War? I know that the Unreal Ed. for Gears is INSANE glitchy. (Thats an under-statement!!!!) I now am going to map for Unreal 3 because of that reason. When I put custom packages, I save them in my enviornments folder and all people have to do when they download them is put it in THEIR enviornments folder to make it work right? Or is there something I have to do to the package or somewhere I need to save it to make it work for other people. My next map will have ALOT of custom static meshes and materials and I don't want to do all that work, only to make it so people can't play it. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!