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    Well, I use a COMPAQ standard keyboard that my family got with a PC we bought in 2000.
    Maybe I should switch, the keys are pretty "deep" so I sometimes miss dodges.

    I use WASD for movement, double-tappin the WASD keys for dodges.
    Space for jumps.

    I use a Logitech MX518-mouse and a steelpad QcK.
    I use the medium default dpi-config, that makes it 800 dpi I think, with a UT sens of 400. In Counter-Strike I have 13.2.
    The mousewheel are for switching weapons, the back-button is for the flak, front-button is the ASMD, and left shift is the rocket launcher.

    Interesting, right?


      Originally posted by Brad.G View Post

      see all the extra keys on the left? ... macro keys or G Keys
      thats one LONG keyboard... my keyboard drawer wouldnt be able to hold it i dont think o.0

      my keyboard is huge though so i dunno...


        Originally posted by Xenithar View Post
        I use a Saitek Gamer's Keyboard with macro-pad (27 macros) and Razer Diamondback 1600dpi optical (not the new 1800dpi infrared).

        I have been banned from servers in the past for admitting to even having a macro-pad attached to my system, much less using it. I have used it in the past for adjusting my settings in the past. I had the first nine keys setup for different mouse sensitivities and keyboard binds. This way if I start sniping I can adjust how sensitive the mouse is and what my keyboard keys do. Too much to post here, but I will say that I have had enough trouble in the UT99/2004 communities simply for using them. If you have a macro-pad, expect cheating accusations if it makes obvious changes to your play-style.

        The mouse is used for aiming, selecting next/previous weapons, lowering sensitivity while one button is held and raising it if another is held, and a few other things depending on the type of game being played.
        **** bro, I had no idea they were so serious against macros. I wonder how many people do it but just keep it on the low.

        @here comes death:
        on most new gamers keyboards, there are macro programmable keys on them, not only can they be freely assigned to a key, but also can be assigned to a combination of keys, such as AA (dodge left)


          I use the number pad for my movement, jumping, enter vehicles and next/prev weapon

          And the vehicle horn too :P

          Mouse has:
          Wheel Down - Shock
          Wheel Up -Flak
          Middle Mouse - Rockets
          Button 4 - Feign Death (For those pesky mantas :P)
          Button 5 - AVRiL (FOr those pesky mants :P)


            Originally posted by joely View Post
            **** bro, I had no idea they were so serious against macros. I wonder how many people do it but just keep it on the low.
            I consider it as a cheat too. A macro is an external aid to perform a specific task. If Epic wanted dodges to be easy to made, they'd offer to bind it in their keyboard configuration menu. So using macro's to dodge is playing the game not the way it should be. It'd be like you could make shock-combo's automatically.

            In a game type such as BunnyTrack for UT, dodging is a major part of the gameplay. So any unfair advantage of someone on that matter really spoils the game.


              I have a G15 and actually wouldn't consider it for dodging, simply because I find the standard better...

              My mouse (G7) has sensitivity settings on dedicated buttons, I rarely use them though, only for extended sniper sessions where I have a huge distance to bridge - and even then, just zooming in further usually does the trick. I find that changing the sensitivity also throws my aim off. In UT3 even more so than other games, like BF2142.

              I really don't think macro keys are that much of a benefit (which is why I don't use them I guess). Learning the game controls properly helps a lot more; there's only so much macros can give you, there's no variation / adaptation in them. And finally, on the G15, if you use the macro keys there, you only have keys to the right and none to the left, giving you less keys overall as well.

              The only place I've really used my macro keys for so far is programming it's really handy for doing standard tasks on 30 lines of code or so (in VBA, where control structures suck; in a real programming language there are no 30 lines of similar code).

              On a related note though - anybody found a good display plugin for the G15, for UT3?


                space jump
                c = Crouch

                left klick shoot

                that's it

                Mouse wheel ftw


                  So you use your mouse wheel for alternate fire, weapon changing, hoverboarding, using / entering vehicles, switching to the AVRiL, and feigning death? Impressive


                    I doubt the Z-Baord will get you banned. I've not had any trouble with it.