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    Somebody setup us the bomb!

    Hey everybody, I'm a new member, first post. How is everybody? I figured I'd set my first post up with a bang, and make a thread about different peoples setups. Write em up guys. Okay heres mine.

    I got a G15 keyboard so I take advantage of the macros keys on my left. G14-16-17-18 I use as my wasd. And assign 13 and 15 as dodge left and right, 10 is dodge back and 12 is dodge forward. This works great for me but took a lil bit of getting use to because the keys are a slightly different shape. I make left shift my use key and left ctrl my hoverboard/translocator.

    I got a G5 mouse, left and right are standard fire and alt fire. and the side keys: the big one is my jump and the smaller one crouch. And I embarrassingly admit the push down on my scrollwheel is feign death. I use the medium DPI but occassionally practice with the fastest setting to try and get a bit twitchier.

    Alright guys, cheers for reading looking forward to reading your setups and opinions

    Basically point and shoot! Don't need much more than that.


      That was a funny way to use the G keys. Im getting my G15 today, hopefully, so Im gonna look into what I can use them for.

      Im using wasd + space for movement. Have a MX518 mouse with binds to weapons.

      And welcome around btw m8.


        Use of macro keys on keyboards is seen by many as cheating.


          I just built a killer system to play UT over the holidays.
          Case - Antec 900 Gamer | PSU - Thermaltake ToughPower 650 watt | Motherboard - Asus P5N32-E
          CPU - Intel Dual Core 3.0 GHz E6850 | Ram - Corsair PC-8500 2 GB | Hard drive - Seagate SATA II 320 GB
          Video card - eVGA 8800 GT 512 MB | Soundcard - Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer | DVD/CD - Pioneer DVR-112D | XP Pro

          Not seen in the picture below is the Logitech G9 gaming mouse.
          I never thought I could go back to a mouse with a tail on it again after using an MX700 for years, but the G9 is the best rodent I have used yet.

          When I use my old PC with the MX700 on it now, the mouse feels like a lead brick compared to the light weight of the G9.

          Also not seen in the pic is the Logitech Z680 5.1 speakers.
          I have three sets of them, they are killer.
          They are from around later 2002 early 2003, but I consider them to be about the best PC speakers out there.

          And the Deck keyboard is certainly the most expensive keyboard I have ever owned, but it was worth every $$$.
          There are no multimedia keys or macro buttons, just a pure keyboard with keys that provide positive feel when you smack 'em.

          I set up shortscuts on the keyboard to open up Firefox and Outlook via their shortcuts, so I do not miss the browser or email buttons my old keyboard had.

          This system plays UT on maximum settings at 1680x1050 perfectly.
          I am very happy with it.

          Down the road I may throw in a quad core as the mobo can handle it.
          I also prefer XP Pro for a gaming PC over Vista, especially after reading all of the problems on the board here, and reading in PC magazines.

          I am running Vista Home though on that new Dell Inspiron 1720 in the picture.
          Santa dropped that off a few days after I built the gaming tower.

          When Epic releases Web Admin in the next patch, I will be using the laptop to manage the server where we have UT III loaded on.



            death adder mouse, steal series mousepad, logitech S510 keyboard. 2xgeforce8800GT (SLI)
            core2duo E6600
            cellshock ddr2 6400ram@8500
            Asus p5B-E plus
            soundblaster audegy2 THX
            silent giant 520 PSU
            Scyth infinety with arcticsilver
            antec P180 alu
            1 casefan, 1CPUfan both set to low, stock geforce cooling set at 46% all the time.
            WSAD setup, clik=fire, rightclick=altfire, thumbkeys dodge right/left
            everything maxed at 5: 1680x1050 with vsync 60-62 FPS on XP
            after UT core 47-49C is Geforce is 62C Ram is hot but not mesurable with Hmonitor


              Oh my, I do believe I read your thread wrong.
              You wanted info on what keys we bind, not the PC setups.

              Oh well

              I do not bind anything.
              I just use the AWSD keys for movement, spacebar for jumping, and the mouse for moving too.

              It works for me.


                I use a z-board with the UT3 mod. very nice


                  If I feel like playing with a m/kb combo, I use the crappy set that came with my dell...They work, but I wouldnt call them high precision...And I still seem to do alright, online and offline...But I mainly use my 360 controller:

                  -Fire: Right trigger
                  -Alt Fire: Left Trigger
                  -Jump: A button
                  -Use: B button
                  -Hoverboard/Translocator: X button
                  -Feign Death: Y button
                  -Crouch: Click in left stick
                  -Taunt #2: Click in right stick
                  -Scoreboard: Back Button
                  -Esc: Start button
                  -Left Srick emulates WASD keys
                  -And Right Stick Emulates the Mouse movements
                  -Im tring to figure out how to make use of the D-Pad....

                  I seem to do better with the controller, although I like to think Im decent with my ****ty m/kb..


                    [screenshot][/screenshot] You also referrenced that Japanese game that was famous for "All your base are belong to us"..


                      my system is in my sig, but i am considering getting a new DFI board and a 9800GTX when the 2nd core revision comes out (not the first release, but the second wave for better oerclocking) and putting a TEC on my CPU and seeing if i cant get a qx6850 (is that right? the 3ghz quad) for cheap and OCing it to 4.5ghz as well as the gpu pushing as far as humanly possible on the first dangerden waterblock or swiftech TEC that handles it without having to fabricate a custom coldplate.

                      i use entirely default controls with 4 exceptions - i have a 4 button logitech marble mouse with no scroll wheel so my middle mouse is nonexistent. i use mouse3/4 for weapon binds, numpad+ for next weapon (easily tagged with my thumb while playing), and i use ctrl as my shockrifle bind. thats all i've done different.

                      i play at 1920x1200 max but im looking at getting an iz3d 22" monitor or a vr920 hmd. the vr920 is more immersive but lower quality and less reliable sadly. the other is heavier and i cant turn my head though. i guess its a trade off but thats my system

                      i average at 195fps on 1920x1200 with the ut3 tweaker's "best gfx" settings.

                      i might buy another logitech elite keyboard, my old one was wonderful and i bet i could pull a few more frags with it and i could probably upgrade to the newer logitech trackball mouse thats wireless (forget the name) although it would take a learning curve im sure i'd pull more frags in the end.

                      edit: my OCs are wrong. im at 712x9 (356x9) which puts me at 3.2 and 712 on the ram with a 3-3-3-6-1 timing as well as 648/1566/2000 on the gfx.


                        Originally posted by firefly View Post
                        I use a z-board with the UT3 mod. very nice
                        Hell yes, I've been thinking bout how that would go in ut3, be sweet for weapon assigns, hmm might have to buy one.


                          I use a Saitek Gamer's Keyboard with macro-pad (27 macros) and Razer Diamondback 1600dpi optical (not the new 1800dpi infrared).

                          I have been banned from servers in the past for admitting to even having a macro-pad attached to my system, much less using it. I have used it in the past for adjusting my settings in the past. I had the first nine keys setup for different mouse sensitivities and keyboard binds. This way if I start sniping I can adjust how sensitive the mouse is and what my keyboard keys do. Too much to post here, but I will say that I have had enough trouble in the UT99/2004 communities simply for using them. If you have a macro-pad, expect cheating accusations if it makes obvious changes to your play-style.

                          The mouse is used for aiming, selecting next/previous weapons, lowering sensitivity while one button is held and raising it if another is held, and a few other things depending on the type of game being played.


                            Sorry for the noob question...But what really are macro keys, how do they differentiate from a regular setup, and why are they viewed as cheating? By the sound of it, you're just changing the layout...But im new to Pc gaming so I dont really know what i'm talking about..Please enlighten me...


                              Originally posted by HereComesDeath View Post
                              Sorry for the noob question...But what really are macro keys, how do they differentiate from a regular setup, and why are they viewed as cheating? By the sound of it, you're just changing the layout...But im new to Pc gaming so I dont really know what i'm talking about..Please enlighten me...

                              see all the extra keys on the left? ... macro keys or G Keys