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Any Aussie leagues/tournaments starting up?

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    If all the UT3 players in Australia could get together somewhere and book a server (like GamingSA or Internode) then we could prolly arrange a huge vctf or war or tdm:P leauge...would be awesome

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    The best solution imo is to try and build up a friends list in the game. I have no problem whatsoever played a 32p server as long as i recognise a few people, it moves the game to having fun with a few people, with the rest being cannon fodder GL and try to just do your best, yeah it can really suck sometimes but you'll find people who respect you for it

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    Well considering you get a lot of points for dealing damage to core, so players can get huge scores. Also the 0 point players are people joining the game who
    A) have no expierence playing the game (obviously they didn't even look at the single player side for tutorials)
    B)Join a server with 400+ ping and pretty much are cannon fodder.

    There are a few players who will switch to try and balance a game, but sadly not a lot of people will.

    As for leagues in aus there hasn't been an announced league. Waiting on webadmin and redirect from patch 1.2 is the main reason imo

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    I'm not talking about teamwork, so much. I'm talking about a disproportionately large number of games that end with a scoreboard looking like this:

    Player1 - 23
    Player2 - 20
    Player3 - 5
    Player4 - 2
    Player5 - 0
    Player6 - 0

    Player1 - 59
    Player2 - 54
    Player3 - 48
    Player4 - 46
    Player5 - 39
    Player6 - 32
    Player7 - 29
    Player8 - 20
    Player9 - 12

    And no, that's not an exaggeration. I'll be sure to take some screenshots next time.

    The losing team almost always has less players, with all the better players on the winning team.

    Most people refuse to swap to even out the teams, and you're left with a bunch of one-sided games. I don't know if the imbalance between numbers and skill is because too many of the better players bail as soon as it looks like their team is going to lose. Great sportsmanship by the way.

    But come on, don't pat yourself on the back for your 'amazing' performance if you're on the winning team and the score looks like that above.

    For the record, too, I've seen a lot of players sitting on zero points after a full 10 minute match, so what the hell is with that?

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    gametype? region? Unless its warfare, the only way to get teamwork is to join or form a clan with voice communication. Or at least i dont know any other way. Shouldnt be that difficult to do. is one of the more popular league sites. You can participate there in cups and ladders.

    Edited: oh wait youre from Australia.. good luck..

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  • started a topic Any Aussie leagues/tournaments starting up?

    Any Aussie leagues/tournaments starting up?

    Hey guys,

    I'm not the best player (check my stats, same tag) but I'm getting kind of tired of grossly one-sided pub games lately.

    It's a 50/50. Either you end up on the team where everyone has 50pts+ and wins every round flawlessly.

    Or you end up on the team where at the end of a round most players are <10pts and some are on zero (can you say 'rank farming' /jk).

    It's so painfully imbalanced recently. You're on the losing team, you get steamrolled, no chance to get out of your spawn zone most of the time. On the winning team, what's the point? There's zero challenge. Sure we can all sit around and self congratulatorily circle jerk and make comments like "Great teamwork" but wth? It's a joke.

    I've watched players on zero points and they aren't even moving. What the hell are they in the game for?

    Anyway, excuse my rant, but it's getting downright frustrating in the pubs, and my friends and I are hoping to join a league, or even just a casual match up, against players that are all around the same skill level (okay) or even who kick our ***, it doesn't matter. We're just sick of ending up on teams where people don't even seem to be playing :/

    Hope someone can help out