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ToD Recruiting on PS3 - Competitive Players Come Thru!

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    ToD Recruiting on PS3 - Competitive Players Come Thru!

    Tools of Destruction

    We are Tools of Destruction [ToD] and we are a very active Gamebattles clan in Warhawk and CoD4 and we are now building up our team for UT3! This is a great clan. We laugh and have a lot of fun, but we still aim for winning each and every game we battle in! Our clan has a lot of fun and we are all very mature. Our clan is recruiting select members only!

    Must have over a 1.50 kdr
    Must show good all around skill in DM's, CTF's, and Warfare but be very good at at least one
    Must visit clan website daily and participate in clan discussions
    Must attend a minimum of 2 Gamebattles a month (once they start)
    Must attend at least 1 practice a week

    **NOTE** If you are a above average player that checks the website everyday and particiaptes in Gamebattles, YOU will be a better clan member than an ELITE who hardly ever plays with us!! We are looking for members who are skilled and can make most GB's! We will be GB'ing around 6-11est on weekdays. And 9-12est on weekends!!

    If you are not active, you will be cut from the clan within 1-2 weeks. To tryout AIM or PSN me at kingkesi. You can allso visit our clan website @ and forums @ for tryout information

    Nobody on here looking for clans on PS3?