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Upgrade Question - CPU or GPU?

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    Definitely GPU; no contest. The 4400+ definitely isn't bottlenecking you now, and probably won't even bottleneck the 8800 GT.

    In the future, though, 6400+ is a good option. What motherboard do you have? In the future when they stop sucking, you might want to upgrade to a phenom (that's what I'm waiting for).

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  • started a topic Upgrade Question - CPU or GPU?

    Upgrade Question - CPU or GPU?

    I recently came into some pre-tax return cash and now have two options:

    -Upgrade CPU

    -Upgrade GPU

    Here are my current system specs:

    AMD AM2 64 X2 4400+ (2.3 GHz)
    3 Gigabytes of DDR 2 800 RAM
    ATI X1950 Pro 256 MB DDR3
    KDS 22" LCD widscreen monitor (@1680x1050 native res)

    The rig does not perform bad, obviously. I can play modern games (barring "Crysis") like UT3 at max settings at the native resolution of my LCD. Having said that...

    Should I upgrade the CPU to a 6000+, or 64000+? Or maybe the new 9550 Phenom Quad cores (the new version that fixes the minor virtualization error)?

    Or should I upgrade the GPU to a 8800 GT(S)? Or maybe 3850/3870 with 512 MBs of RAM?

    Which one would increase performance RIGHT NOW?

    I will eventually upgrade both, but if you were in my shoes, which one would you go for right now? And which is more future proof given the short lifespan of PC hardware?