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    What does the option "enable v-sync" do?
    Also, I know what anti-aliasing is, but I can't find the button for it in this game. Does it exist?

    v-sync stop tearing with in the game and caps the fps to your monitor rate.
    So if your monitor is set at 60 mhz then your fps will be set around the same.
    Depending if you get well over 60fps in game with v-sync off.

    Also you can enable v-sync in one of the ini files.


      I'm not sure if I understand that. Should I enable it or not?

      Oh, and I've got another question. How does the attack of the Scavenger work?


        Vsync has some advantages, and some disadvantages.

        First: If enabled your Grafics card will synchronise the framerate to your monitors refresh rate. It will produce a smoother animation. This increases image quality.

        Disadvantage: will produce mouselag, especially on low framerates around 60 on some games. Ut200x and UT3 are extreme affected by this. This is not true for every game!

        If your framerate drops below 60 on a 60Hz Monitor, you will only get 30 FPS on your monitor. If you drop below 30FPS in this situation, the next step is only 15FPS.

        So, you need a monitor with a high refreshrate to not loose so much frames per second. On TFTs its a hard point.

        A solution to this is triple buffering. But Triple buffering will produce a additional frame- lag. (Double Buffering is common, it produces a 1 Frame lag, tripple buffering will use 2 steps), wich will increase mouselag/ input lag.


        If Vsync enabled, you should try Tripple Buffering, if the game does not suffer from input lag. For ego shooters, better use Double Buffering as standard.
        Use a monitor with high refresh rates, the higher, the less mouselag and smoother animation. Response time of the game shortens with framerate! 50Frames per second = 20ms! 100Fps = minimum 10ms input delay.

        If you have got a TFT, Vsync on ist the most common option.

        You should try it out, whats best for you.


          For the scavenger press secondary fire to lock on 2 you're enemy then the ball that floating around you will attack you're enemy


            Originally posted by Drudge- View Post
            For the scavenger press secondary fire to lock on 2 you're enemy then the ball that floating around you will attack you're enemy


              I you have tearing on the screen (annoying lines and breaks running over the screen) = Vsync On. If you want precise mouse feed back = Vsync Off. Vsync works best on CRT's where you can set refresh rates and resolutions as you wish.

              Also, set vsync and anti-aliasing in your gfx driver settings, not the game settings.