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Warfare mode: Nodes & Orbs confusing me-

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    That's what i'm playing ...the campaing...but i'm in a warfare map now..and can't get by this to dam campaign!!
    Now what?
    hehe.... will read all posts , hopefully will clear it up the order of taking nodes n shizzz...


      Normally it's Your Prime-->Center-->Enemy Prime-->Enemy Core
      Sometimes there are two paths (Dusk for example).
      Some maps have only a single node connecting the cores.

      On the mini map there's usually lines connecting the objectives.

      Other tips: Uncontrolled nodes are white. Nodes being built are flashing team color. Built nodes are team color. You can't attack the next node until the one before it is fully built. You don't have to use the orb the cap nodes, you can walk on top of them and build them manually with the Link gun alt-fire. The node will slowly build on it's own once touched. A node just finished has 10 seconds of protection that prevent it from being capped by orb, and gives it some damage protection.


        Thanks alot... another awesome post... this is short and sweet.... I will follow your advice.....
        Thanks alot


          Glad I could help
          Welcome to the growing and enlightened group of people that think UT3 Warfare is awesome!


            Wow, man...awesome , awesome reply!
            Dude, you helped alot...i mean forget it, i would've never figured it out.
            Thanks alot..!!!
            Happy ut3 noober!!!

            You covered all and every question.... Uber Sweet!


              Originally posted by iycgtptyarvg View Post
              I would strongly suggest you play online. That way you'll learn the game better.
              Playing against bots is ok, but playing with bots is at best frustrating and at worst impossible.

              Play the campaign online. That way, you can have 4 humans playing against bots. Not only are humans much better (strategically), but you can learn from what/when/how/why they do what they do. Also, you can ask questions during the match.
              I often host campaign (listen server) in the evenings... it's a blast!
              Man, i'm gonna do that!
              Wanted to do it myself offline to get good enough to know what i'm doing, but obviously just effd

              Will do that...


                Originally posted by D2F[Leo] View Post
                Thanks for all the help !

                Happy now..heheh


                  Originally posted by Taboen View Post
                  Or start playing online, it is must much awarding and diverce than Instant Action.
                  o.k...i've been told that , will give it a go...and learn from the other folks playin...thnks!


                    Originally posted by SpineShanK View Post
                    warfare can be very hard for new players against and with bots only.

                    everytime you try capture a new node, make sure your previous node has enough health left. or else you will go back and forth and won't make it in the end. kill bots shooting at your node or heal your node til it reaches max then go for the next node.

                    link secondary can heal friendly nodes.

                    look on the minimap. which nodes are under attack. if it is under attack too long forget your objective and go defend that node.

                    most important nodes are primes, then center. there are optional nodes but their importance depends on maps. try to see the new technology that you gain from each captured node.

                    o.k spineshank...
                    thanks again..for other post too... i'm gonna get that mother fookr now!!!


                      no problem. glad i could help.

                      also going for center before going to prime is something that you'll see online ^^
                      at the moment with bots it's better you follow the basic order to make sure you can build each node properly. prime, then center, then enemy prime etc.

                      if you got a problem at a specific map don't hesitate to ask here. good luck have fun. see you online =)


                        Originally posted by GraveFiller View Post
                        Lol, thanks, i read that their stupider then stumpwater.
                        I need to know the progression of taking the nodes... i read prime nodes then center nodes..but is so strange......will figure it out will your help...thanks...
                        You need to increase skill level to at least skilled, I ran them at adept on my server for a while and have just upped it to masterful. I see a pretty big difference between skilled and masterful bots. At Adept you begin to realize not all bots have the same skills or skill levels. Some are better at others.



                          I'm having problems with Avalanche war map in campaign mode too... Torlan Delta was already not so easy but this one!! Either I lose or neither team can take advantage until time extension, and then I also lose.

                          This is very frustrating as I'm stuck here, and I don't understand how to play that map in multiplayer. Do you have to choose "public game" within campaign mode? But this doesn't seem to work. And I get an error message : "Your network settings don't allow you to host games"...

                          If I play the campaign online with someone else by joining a game, will it be counted as won in my own campaign mode?


                            In general play aggressively and try to move forward as fast as possible, don't wait for the enemy to come to you or for your bots to get their act together. Always keep an eye on the mini-map and finally never defend the core the nodes are far more important.

                            If you can't destroy the enemy core you can let the match go to overtime and make sure you hold most of the nodes. (the more nodes you hold during overtime the faster the enemies core will decay)

                            Avalanche: Make sure that you get the side nodes as well as the center especially the one with the Goliath then use it to cover the assault on the enemy prime node from a distance, once its captured (you may need to do it yourself) cover the node and tell your bots to attack. At the very least from this position you are well placed to fall back on the tactic above.


                              Originally posted by D2F[Leo] View Post
                              Just want to point out a small error in that guide. You call it "Warfare - A Manual for Beginners aka The Noob Guide". According to the general consensus, the noob is a player who intentionally refuse, out of stupidity or spite, to play the game as it's supposed to, compared to a newb who is just new to the game. Since this guide aims at newbies I suggest you correct the title, the only noob guide I can think of is a "how to uninstall" guide or a phone number to a shrink. ^^


                                I've finally managed to win Avalanche, using a card (I hadn't even noticed that you could earn those special cards )