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My Unreal story and how I got started!:)

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    bought a copy of the original Unreal SP.. loved it.. was excellent.. intense.. always made you nervous about what was next, as much as a game could make one nervous.. so after playing that, i bought UT GotY edition.. have 2003 and 2004, and now UT3. i will always buy UT, no matter how good or bad it is because it's a game i rather enjoy, even though there are some issues that have to be overcome with every release.


      I started with ut 2k4 demo, when I was 12 yrs old. I went to my cousin who was playin' the demo. First thing I saw: a zoomed in lightning gun and (they looked like it) giant spiders walking towards me. (spider mines, they just looked big throught the lightninggun.

      played UT 2k4 2h a day since then


        I started playing the Unreal Series about 8 years ago, I was 12 xD I didn't realy liked FPS at first, because I was really into RPG's like Pokemon hahahaha I guess the only FPS that I liked and played was Golden Eye from N-64.
        Then, a friend of mine, installed on my computer the First Unreal, you know, hahaha the one with kralls, mantas, skaarj queen,etc xD and I liked the graphics, the FAST gameplay, the weapons, the blood, the gore, the... I can still go on xD so, I got an Original copy of it xD I couldnt get the Sequel of it :S
        Then like 2 or 3 years later I got an original copy of UT99 and I became more adicted to it hahaha
        Then UT2003 came out to the market, but in the moment I said "Now I have The Money, I'll Go Buy It" there where no more copies of it on sale T.T , I mean, I live in Mexico, so its not that easy to get games that arent on the stores anymore.
        Even though I didnt have a powerful computer to play the later Unreal Games, I bought a copy of Unreal II and played it with poor graphics T.T what can I say? I needed to play it hahahah I always kept track of the Unreal Releases, I still do now...
        Also, later on, UT2004 was on sale, so I quickly bought my copy and instaled it in a rather powerful PC that a friend bought, so I used to go to his house to play UT2004...
        Later, I got an Xbox 360, because as a follower of EPIC I wanted to Play Gears Of War xD but also because I wanted to play Unreal Championship and Unreal Championship 2, my surprise was that I had to wait a lot until the BC patch was out for Unreal Championship 2, but never for Unreal Championship... wich still I havent play :S
        A year ago, I still grieved because I wanted my original non-used copy of UT2003, but a cousin of mine surprised me with it as a present ^.^ now, I only needed my copy of Return To Na Pali (I know the Unreal Anthology was released by this time, and it included this game, but I was unable to get it) :S
        At the same time, I was saving money to assembly my actual PC, I was looking forward to get UT3, yes, practically, I was saving money to be able to play UT3 heheehe
        So I finished my actual PC and I only had to wait to be able to get mu copy of UT3...
        I bought it on GameStop and Just for 10-15 dlls I got also the Unreal Antology xD

        So right now I have all the original Unreal Releases, including the Unreal Anthology xD

        Just to clarify, I also play many other shooter, lake Halo, Doom, Quake, but the Unreal Series is my Favorite


          I was about 15 back then, in the best year there ever was, where a legend was born. A friend went out to buy Quake 3.The store didn't have it in stock, so he came back with Unreal Tournament. And that game and its sequels got me hooked. Up until today. Thank's Epic.


            I read about the development of Unreal in a gaming magazine before i even got Internet. I thought it was cool but never heard about it again after that.
            Maybe i have to start earlier:

            One of my classmates installed CS 1.1 on the computers of my IT class and the whole class played against each other (even the girls ^^). I liked it alot but it got banned from our school a few months later.
            As soon as i got internet at home, i installed CS 1.3 and played until 1.6 and soon stopped after because i never got better and got owned everytime.

            Sometime later i saw UT2k4 at a store and remembered "Oh, that has something to do with Unreal from back then!" I saw i was multiplayer and bought it = AWWEESOMENESSSSS!

            I played it until BF2 came out, switched to WoW after a year and back to BF2 after 2 years. Now i'm playing UT3 since Europe release.