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My Unreal story and how I got started!:)

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    My Unreal story and how I got started!:)

    about 8 years ago, we were going to look at Gateway comps. They had a gaming comp with a SWEET looking game. I sat down, i was blowing people to pieces in the next 5 minutes. I found it was called UNREAL TOURNAMENT. 8 years later (YA 2008.) I buy UT3 for ps3. I'm good at it, and I love it!


    UT99 is actually the game that got me into PC gaming. My family had always owned Macs, and then one day while at my best friends house he fired up UT and for the first time I experienced PC gaming on a broadband modem. While I haven't spent incredible amounts of time playing the series, it was the game that compelled me to get a PC and get into PC gaming, and that has been one of the largest facets of my life ever since


      Awesome! Ya gaming is Grrreat!


        a friend showed me UT99. i was a console gamer and this was completely new for me. both online and pc gaming.

        first map i ever played was deck16 against bots. i remember being at top sniper spot trying to pull headshots and i was surprised how cool rocket launcher barrel was when loading rockets.

        then i played online on DM and LMS. i sucked big time but it was cool. when i started i was a big camper in LMS now i don't camp (not as much)

        then one day i had a lucky kill against a good player. then he thought i was good and i got into his clan. met other clan mates. got owned. then i started to train seriously to get less owned and to be proud of my clan


          heh some of these experiences sounds familiar.

          I was also heavily into consoles about 7-8 years ago when i played my first pc game ever at a friends house. The game was.. (obviously) Unreal tournament! & first map i played was deck16.
          I was completly blown away by how well the ai performed and the fact you could dl 100's of new maps or make your own, this was all new to me at the time.

          After that i got my own pc and ut99 and played it to death.. Then when 2k3 hit i moved onto that, then to 2k4 (which i have been playing on and off since release up till about a month ago) + a lil uc2 on 360.. But for now ive gone right back to my roots. I caved in and brought a PS3 for UT3, which i have only owned for bout 2 days now, and it rocks! nothing even comes close to the UT series imo (cept maybe street fighter series)

          That pretty much summed up how i got started.



            I used to play as the above and it got me into 3D graphics and a job :-)

            Thanks to UNREAL.

            My brother was Fleshripper/flesho of the X clan :-) back in the day



              Played Unreal1, then there were no questions in deciding between UT and everything else. That universe rocked. Looking @ut3 im not so sure anymore.


                Late 2001, read about Unreal tournament in a PC mag, got an 5200fx /athlon xp rig, bought ut2003 .., DL'ed, played the demo of 2k4 ONS , got full game with Atari ut2003 refund Logged up around 1000 hours of UT2004 ONS.


                  id never seen, heard or played UT before december. i was fixing a website for a friend who plays UT.. and he brought my a copy of the game as a thank you for the work


                    A friend went on about the original unreal tournament when i was about 12 i guess, he would describe flying a redeemer into an enemies base and wiping everyone out - i thought it sounded cool but didnt think much of it. When i went round his house and he showed me the guns on morpheus, biogun shockrifle etc i was intrigued and had a blast playing.

                    Bought the game. Got really into ut99 and 2004 when it came out, played 2004 until i could generally be at the top of the scoreboard in most games i played, i loved it so much. Made afew VCTF maps.

                    Had massive anticipation for UT3 and couldn't wait for what i saw on the videos. Got the demo and loved the deathmatch, but resented the removal of dodgejump and how they screwed the vehicle gameplay up. Bought ut3 collectors edition and soon got bored and more dissapointed. Yes its a good game but could have been so much more. Cop outs and bad decisions everywhere ruin the game. Warfare could have been a huge resource managing gametype like XMP, they could have made an epic and fun gametype, but no they just add a ball to Onslaught, a gametype that was fun in 2004 but i got bored quickly of.

                    The only gametype i kept playing because it was so fun, VCTF, they make sure you can't carry flags in the vehicles. They drop Assault again because of afew pathetic assault like elements in Warfare, which arnt again as good as they said. (painter triggered rockslides and submarine missile launches?) They royally poo on the games visuals by trying to make everything brown and bloom the hell out of any surface that has light touch it. They basically put me of FPS gaming when i used to be addicted to it!

                    Oh well, gunna go play guitar haha


                      My Unreal story began with Unreal 1...

                      Was at a friend and he showed me the game and let me play and I got instantly so addicted that he couldn't get me off the computer anymore!

                      That was my first encounter with FPS games.

                      Then there was silence for some time until I got UT some months later. I instantly got hooked, remembered how much fun I had with Unreal 1, bought that one too and got hooked on both. And I didn't even have internet at that time, lol. But still was pure 0wnage!

                      Years later UT2k3 and Unreal 2 came out, got them as well. And then also UT2k4. But none, none of them was as good as Unreal 1 or UT99!

                      And now I'm waiting for the Europe release of UT3 for PS3 (can't stress this enough, I wanna have it, give me!)...

                      Only the Retun to Na Pali pack I have missed in the Unreal series. But this isn't available anymore or is it? I couldn't find it anywhere...


                        First time I played Unreal Tournament was on the PS2 (first game I ever bought with my PS2) after seeing an advert for it in a PS2 magazine (Chainsaws and FPS is my sort of thing). After that I built a PC and bought Unreal and Unreal Tournament 99 GOTYE. Then went onto Xbox and the various Unreal Championship games released there and Unreal 2: The Awakening. After that back to PC for Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004, and now here I am with Unreal Tournament 3.

                        I can't say I haven't enjoyed a single one of any of the Unreal games. If I did say that I would be lying. Can some of them of have done with improvements? Of course, what game doesn't? None the less many a late night of fun have I had blowing people to bits with Rocket Launchers and Redeemers.

                        Only thing I want back in UT now is the bloody Chainsaw!


                          I went to a friends house to pick him up for playing sports and he was playing the UT3 demo. I had never heard of it, downloaded it too, and when the game came out I bought it. I'm not that good at it yet since it was the FIRST shooter I EVER played lol


                            Me and my Brother went to college together, we got Unreal 99 onto all the coms in the It was funny, all the coms were mindless drones running from the server, so we installed ut99 on one of the teachers coms, then sent it to the recycle bin when we were done. Anyway the next day when we got into school we saw people playing ut99 and said wtf. One of our buddies said he found it in the recycle bin and installed it to his 500mb of personal space on the server and boom it worked. So within a few days about 200 coms had unreal99 on them. They had to shut the network down a couple months later for a week just to clean up the mess. How's that for a story. lol


                              Originally posted by Brad.G View Post
                              id never seen, heard or played UT before december. i was fixing a website for a friend who plays UT.. and he brought my a copy of the game as a thank you for the work
                              Must have been uncomfortable sleeping under that rock for all those years :P

                              I read about Unreal in PCGamer before it was released, then my brother got it and it was awesome. I still have the Magazine with the review and I still play Unreal, the best game of the franchise IMO.