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Easy direct access to UT3 IRC channels via Java Applet

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    Easy direct access to UT3 IRC channels via Java Applet

    If you are new to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and would like to check it out, I am please to announce that the servers now has a very nice and easy to use Java applet available that will connect you to the GameRadius server, which is the home of the North American UT community. (Note--this is primarily for PC players.)

    The North American UT3 community can be found on in channels #ut3ctf, #ut3tdm, and #unrealna.

    For those of you who are new to IRC, you can use a simple Java Applet program to connect! Click here and replace "Your Name" with whatever screen name you want and then click <Submit>. (Once you're hooked, you'll want to move on to mIRC, Visual IRC, or the Chatzilla plugin for Firefox.)




    Once you're on, you can join other channels by simply typing: /join #channel (where #channel is whatever channel you want to join). You can be on multiple channels at one time.

    Note that #ut3ctf and #ut3tdm offer clan match style PUG (pickup game) matches, but players are expected to have Teamspeak2 voice comm installed, have halfway decent skill, and have some knowledge of how pugging works (if you sign up, play it out). You can find Teamspeak 2 here:

    Note--you can maximize the chat window by clicking the min/max box next to the close window X and a separate window will pop up. You can drag the lower right corner to change the size of that box.

    This is neat ... is people actually using this? come on people.. join the channels and start playing with us.. there are about 200 players on #uttdm alone.. we're playing games all the time..Once you're in teh channel. chat, ask questions, join the pick up games...and if you leave come back :P