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Minor Fixes That Could Still Be Implemented in Patch 2

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    Minor Fixes That Could Still Be Implemented in Patch 2

    I'd like to preface this with a big thanks to Epic for all the improvements coming from Patch 2, but there's still some room for improvement =)

    This thread is meant to temporarily augment the Overview of Community Requests with small fixes that could probably still be implemented in time for Patch 2. Hopefully the mods won't delete this, and other people will consider it useful.

    -Copy and paste. I think this is one of the biggest complaints about the current patch, which is pretty funny considering what a simple thing it would be. Very important to clanners.
    -Option to disable taunts.
    -Option to disable dynamic music.
    -Option to disable mouse acceleration.
    -Mutators and game settings in Instant Action save between game sessions.
    -Zoom function for vehicles.
    -Option for motion blur.
    -Option for team color in Instant Action (some of us just love blue!).

    That's basically everything I would consider "small" and doable for patch 2, and if this thread isn't deleted, I'll add other things that people post. Just stick to the thread's MO: small changes that could possible be implemented in time for Patch 2.

    Two hands up for console copy/pasting, ability to disable dynamic music and vehicle zooms.