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    just keep playing


      1. Join a competitive clan.

      I've seen people play for a very long time and they "know" the game, but they are just horrible at it. If you truly want to be good, you need to learn how to play the correct and most efficient way and get tips from the top.

      2. Spectate good players.

      Learn why they win and others don't.

      But my first question is, do you really want to become better? Evaluate how much time you are willing to spend on this and see if the pros outweigh the cons.


        should i play with keyboard and mouse or with the controller because there are some problems so you cant assign dodge to the keyboard, maybe its better to use the controller now before they fix that problem, or?


          Keyboard and Mouse > Controller any day of the week.

          Granted, people who have never used anything but a controller will have some skill using it, but with a mouse and keyboard (a good one anyway) you have the ultimate control over how the game will react to your playing style.

          One major thing is find a setup you like and stick with it. Changing frequently, or at all will just force to to have to re-feel out the controls and essentially start from scratch.

          A few of the so-called "exploits" above are mostly used by people who just care about how high they can get up their kill counts. They are valid tactics, but are really annoying and yeah you can get banned from some private servers, because it really degrades the fun factor of the game.

          Some of the best suggestions have already been listed above.

          A few of my own little tidbits:

          1) When running with the manta, it's always a good idea to fire on your enemies. Some people I see just flying around trying to pancake everyone in sight, but they ultimately get owned by some guy further off locking onto them with an Arvil. Also, if you see an oncoming Arvil in a manta or a viper, bail out, using the viper's kamikaze attack if you can. I've wiped out alot of would-be Arvil assassins with a well-timed Viper Bomb.

          2) Killing people is not the only thing that will rack up kills. Destroying an enemy orb or recovering your flag can give you points as well. Not only that, but it helps you WIN.

          3) Help your teammates when they are in trouble. Often, when an enemy Goliath (or whatever) is zoned in on your teammate, they aren't going to see you sneaking up behind them with the Redeemer. Instant double kill if they have a machinegunner as well.

          4) Just practice a bunch against bots as well as other players. Make sure that once you start consistently winning vs bots, UP the Difficulty to get even better. Let me tell you, the bots at really high difficulty rarely ever miss, so if you can own them, you'll be able to own alot of players as well.


            Doping is the only way! ^^

            Crazy sh*t


              Beer, very late nights practicing, have fun, dont play to seriously until you have improved


                Originally posted by Tailsnake View Post
                From my post on another board...
                You forgot the Cicada in your Raptor description


                  Originally posted by faultymoose View Post
                  Why do people call spidermines in the enemy base an exploit? It's exactly how the **** things were designed.

                  Never done it myself (mostly cos I couldn't be ***** driving the nightshade across a map), but had it done to me multiple times and sure as hell it's annoying, but it's a valid tactic.

                  If you wanna kick from a private server because someone is dropping spidermines, sure, you're call. But don't join a public server and ***** and moan about it like some little princess, cos it's using the weapon exactly how it was meant to be used.

                  And 'most' of his so-called map strategies were... er... map strategies? Please explain the exploits you call him out on.
                  I'm surprised by how angry people get at some of these, dropping a spider mine at the enemy base in Sandstorm prevents them from getting the flag to their base thus helping your team. Doing the same thing with the nightshade on necropolis can easily take out half the enemy team and keep them busy giving your side a distinct advantage. Guarding the teleporter on demois allows another teammate to man the turret undisturbed giving your team cover fire over a large portion of the map. Defending the enemy rocket pickup on coret allows your team to have a distinct weapons advantage and you can usually keep a handful of the enemy busy as they try to kill you leaving less enemies to go after your teams flag and defend thier own.

                  Again, I don't really see how these are noob tactics or exploits, but I guess my definition of tactics is different from the majority of this board.

                  Originally posted by Kiyoka View Post
                  You forgot the Cicada in your Raptor description
                  My life is just one mistake after another! Thank's for the correction


                    ALWAYS stay relaxed even when facing someone who killed you 20 times in 5 mins.
                    Most people tend to overreact if confronted with an enemy making them spam and dodge or double jump like bunnies.
                    In uT2k4 I had the problem that I could dodge almost everything but forgot to do damage to the enemy.
                    In UT3 its way easier cause everything makes so much damage.

                    Stick to the ground even in infight i would say and only dodge if it is necessary.

                    Timing items (belt amp etc.) Timing weapons is somehow redundant but on some maps it can give you an advantage if you have one specific weapon and the enemy not.
                    Or get a feel for what weapon the enemy is good at and try to time this one.
                    Some basic mapknowledge and an understanding of what the enemy will do next. Build up two sights: Yours is about timing and items ...
                    And the more important is to understand the enemy and where he will go.
                    Know how much ammo you got left. Nothing is rose than trying to combo one with one shock ammon left

                    The last thing to mention about knowing your enemy is ALWAYS BE FASTER.
                    If the enemy is running around a corner don`t think to much about the coming combo or rockets shell just ran after him. If you think it is not good to follow him then don`t do it. But if you think and then go after him your dead! Hard to explain^^
                    Most players will flame you for your aggressive playstyle...
                    Playing agressive is a good way improving cause if you play fast you have to aim fast and make damage really fast. Also try to play defensive by laming with shock or sniper spamming combos.

                    Maybe some help to you.

                    THE MOST IMPORTANT: Do not take this too serious. I you realise that you do not improve day by day make a longer pause of the game.

                    About noob tactics: Noob-tactics are always the tactics the enemy knows about and he would use for himself but for some reason he doesn`t. And then there is some lamer not caring about this. The enemy knows that there are those traps but just wouldn`t believe it and rushes into them. He gets really angry by getting killed by such a lame tactic or loosing a game. And cause of his superior knwoledge of the game and his superior skill he will call everyone a noob!
                    *irony off*


                      lol that product is basically a vitimin pill

                      go get some ultra mega men, and you get more vitamins out of it


                        Originally posted by clark kent View Post
                        Get some skill! Spider-mines are for *******! Why don't you use the Redeemer too while you're at it!
                        The redeemer DOES take skill...It can EASILY be shot out of the sky, leaving all enemies safe...If you cant counter something as simple as that, YOU'RE THE NOOB.


                          Im term of aiming i would recomend you instagib / sniper!

                          with these 2 mutators you can practice your aiming very well :]


                            If you are using a PS3 controller make sure you filter out servers that allow a keyboard and mouse. That way you are making sure the playing field is even.

                            Learn your weapons. Learn which are hitscan (ones that hit instantly like the sniper). Learn which ones require you to lead opponents and how much to lead.


                              This is something I've learned over the years, and I'm sad to say it took me a long time to learn. But at least I learned.

                              I play because it's fun. Once I stop having fun, I play poorly. With me, it seems the harder I try the worse I become. It's because I'm worried about how I'm doing, and not what I'm doing. It usually means that I'm making stupid mistakes I otherwise wouldn't do. Say, for instance charging into a fight against multiple enemies and I have only an Enforcer.

                              Most people already posted good things to do to get better but I'll add some more ( probably repeats) because I'm bored at work and feel like sharing.

                              Learn the maps well. You'll better be able to predict enemy movement if you know the maps well.

                              Each weapon works better in different situations. Got someone around a corner? Use flak primary to bounce a few shots and get 'em. Someone is fleeing from a distance? Use the Stinger. Etc.

                              Play smart. Take alternate routes, mix-up your routes, backtrack, etc.

                              Time power-ups. They are there for a reason. It's better that you have them than the enemy have them.

                              Use the health packs, pick everything up. There is nothing worse than running out of ammo in a middle of a fight.

                              If someone is owning you with a specific weapon, practice offline/online with that weapon only till you are good with it. Knowing how to use a weapon well will teach you how to defend against it when someone else is using it.

                              Use the dodging and movement to your advantage. Be fast, be unpredictable. Never stop moving.

                              Have patience. It'll take time to get better and you may not notice it right away. But it'll happen.


                                Originally posted by Tailsnake View Post
                                I'm surprised by how angry people get at some of these,

                                My life is just one mistake after another!
                                Why players get annoyed - we play to enjoy, and it's no fun being blown up in your own base when the real action is happening elsewhere in the map.

                                It's effective, yes, it gives you points, yes, is it fun for the 8 players or so stuck respawning in a base and getting killed for 2-3 minutes flat - no.

                                A game is about fun. Being killed in your own base is no fun, and that's why a lot of admins will kick you from their server for doing this- it just isn't much fun to have to counter this tactic.