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    need guidance

    hi guys...

    looking in to a little quest..

    the maps ive downloaded come with a few files in some cases.. in others, just a .ut3 file.

    what are the other files for? are they essential and mandatory to the map working? or can the map be played with just the .ut3 file

    well it depends on what kind of files they are..
    You'll deffo need the upk-files and the configuration-documents (regarding info in menus),
    whilst you won't need any word-documents attached.


      ini .... config values

      upk ... havent a clue what it does

      ut3 .. im guessing is the main map file.. but i could really do with knowing what exactly the upk file contains.

      i think ive figured out a way to make a cache convertor


        The .upk contains custom textures and meshes, you need it to play the map and it should be placed in the same folder as the ut3. Mappers can make server owners happy and merge the upk into the ut3, less files to keep track on. ^^