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Extract the extractorness?

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    Extract the extractorness?

    So any news on the Cache extractor? I really want "Yeah *****" as my windows startup sound.

    Side note: Go go join the pick-up chan in my sig

    Jump on over here:

    See ya there!


      You don't use a cache extractor for that, it's sole purpose it to convert the temp files that servers dump into your cache (the clue's in the name) into a valid UE package file that can then be used for hosting, offline play & further editing - these files are always custom content, no stock assets will ever be in your cache.

      What you mean is you want to find a way to export the stock taunts out of the game to a .wav or some other format.
      I don't make the distinction to try & sound contrary, but Brad's thread already has a large number of people who don't understand what a cache extractor is for & I think it'd be helpful just to clear it up a little.