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[PAIN] In Many Formz UT3 Server : Now Featuring MapVote!

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    [PAIN] In Many Formz UT3 Server : Now Featuring MapVote!

    Greetings everyone. I just wanted to give a head up to anyone wanting to play on a 12 slot UT3 server that now has a fully FEATURED mapvote system. This system allow for people to vote for maps at anytime, change gametypes, kickvoting, a greeting message upon entering our server and other features. In practice works very well. Currently running all default gametypes, and the server defaults to vCTF. In in the process of adding custom games to the list for variety (high speed low grav instagib flavors of most gametypes).

    As a side note we did not create this mutator, nor is it listed anywhere here in these forums. I made the desicion not make a thread for the mutator itself, because im not sure if the authors wants it out there like that or he(them) would done it themselves. The mutator itself is still in beta, but works very well, reminiscant of UT2Vote, while allowing for a much higher level of customization.

    See it in action: [PAIN] In Many Formz UT3 Server: vCTF (Multi-Gametype) 12 Slot -

    nice one chrome,, I remember playing BR trans on ur server, good server admin here