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    Graphics card issue


    IV just bought myself a new Gainward 7900GT 512mb and to my horror found that it needs two slots in the case(not MB). It works great, i just cant use the aluminium plate on the adapter side. Does anybody know where i can get an Nvidea adapter plate with DVI - DVI - TV OUT holes? Iv searched high and low but i fear i may have to go to a bricks and mortar store to get lucky with it.
    Any help is much appreciated as i really wanna play UT3 and my x600 isnt up to it



    um it takes 2 because it uses a blower... if you want it to only use one you'll have to change the heatsink. the plates are hard to change too. do you not have the room to put the card? no way to move the card "under" your pci-e slot (or agp?) to another slot?

    can you explain the problem a little more thoroughly? what aluminum plate can you not use?


      Yeah I'm a little unclear as to what this aluminum plate is. Usually you only use one when a slot is not in use. If in fact you are supposed to have one, and it works without it, then I would just forget about it and use it like it is.


        i believe you are referring to a dust plate: the metal plate that comes stock in the back of a computer that blocks an unused expansion slot.

        am i correct? what do you mean by "it uses 2 slots" and "i cant use the plate on the adapter side" ? do you have a picture perhaps?

        the gainward 7900GT has 2 versions, a single slot and dual slot. is your card red or green? the red one has a blower on it which uses the second slot as an exhaust. it uses a double plate that takes 2 slots on the computer case but only one on the motherboard - in this case it is just there to exhaust hot air and it is in use.

        trying to help but im having trouble following you is all.


          Thanks for the replies guys. What i mean is the bracket which actually connects the end of the card to the motherboard. Sorry i wasnt very clear on the first post. So the gist of all that is that its an exhaust and is needed. ****! Looks like im sending that back!


            Give us some pics...