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    Vista Ultimate


      Well I got a new rig for this game and now I am getting a DEP - Data Execution Protection error!

      System specs/configuration:
      * Intel S775 Core 2 Q6600 Quad-Core CPU
      * Gigabyte P35C-DS3R Motherboard
      * DDR2 4GB Geil 800MHz Dual Channel DDR2 Kit
      * 3x 320GB Western Digital YS 7200rpm 16M SATA HDDs
      * 1 x 320GB Western Digital YS 7200rpm 16M SATA HDD for data and backups
      * ASUS 8800GTS 512M PCIe Video Card
      * 24" Samsung 245B LCD Monitor (BEAUTIFUL)
      * Antec P182 Performance One Case
      * Antec Neo Power 650 Watt ATX Power Supply Ver 2.2 EPS 12V
      * Utopia M Multimedia 101 Keyboard PS2 Black
      * Utopia Optical Mouse PS2 Black
      * Pioneer DVD Multi Rewriter SATA 18 Dual layer Black
      * Logitech Speakers and Headset
      * MSI Video Webcam

      VISTA 64 Bit OS

      No OC - Don't plan to. 3DMark results - 11643.

      Anyone help with the Data Execution Protection error problem please while I search these forums

      I am really new here


        Soz cant help u there bud, nice lcd thow damm


          Cyberthug, Ultimate allows ten if I remember correctly. Their ultra-stripped version only allows two, and there are a two others between them that I would have to look up. Still, ten is a long way from 65536!! Maybe the guy who maintains that tool will update it for Vista.