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XP or Vista ?

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    XP or Vista ?

    Would just like to know if vista is any good, im currently using xp at the moment, and would my pc run vista good?

    6000+ Am2
    M2N-Sli Deluxe
    2G Adata DDR 2 800
    Evga SC 8800GT 512mb

    you will notice a frame hit. that about sums it up.

    warning: this will become a giant xp vs vista debate very quickly.


    you can always get the "vista upgrade" disc and dual boot a vista 30 day trial before deciding to go with it permanently.


      I'm using Vista since I've upgraded my pc, never had any problems with it.
      For a kind of test I decided to make a dual boot with XP and Vista, and I must say
      that regarding to games XP gives a better performance (at least on my system).
      Though regarding your system specs I wouldn't expect much problems with UT3 for example.
      I think you'll still reach 60 fps with high quality with ease when using Vista.


        Tx, I`ll go for dual boot, just load vista on my other hdd and test it out


          go on put XP on it install UT3 play it for some days then put vista on in and try it again.. or just install both and do what you want -.-

          and would my pc run vista good?

          look at the vista box there are some numbers that will tell you what your siystem should look like


          I'm so slow -.-


            I've decided to only upgrade to a high quality vista when the majority of games stop directx9.
            Or when I give in to good graphics.


              At the moment I run UT3 @ 1680 x 1050 res, with all detail setting on 5 and average on 100/120 fps in Shralingla (something like that ) my vsync is disabled thou, the lowest fps i got was in the 70 by a waterfall looking straight at it


                Best way to find out is to make a dual boot and compare for yourself. This issue has been beaten to death allready. Xp seems faster, but if everything runs smooth and just the way you want it in Vista, then it's rlly up to you which os you prefer.


                  Though XP wins a little on game performance over Vista, the gap is minor (eg. 60fps vs 58 fps). But Vista has DirectX10 or above; this may quickly become a main advantage over XP on future games or UT3's dx10 patch.
                  The biggest problem for vista is memory issue. You have 2G ram, that's enough to run Vista.


                    Tx for all the replies guys


                      I too have Vista 32bit installed and all is well here. Everything is ok here(apart from the crashing/freezing in ut3, but thats common) and I would say install Vista.


                        Crashing and freezing?

                        Ive never experienced that, is that only with vista?


                          dunno not having this issue in vista, maybe unticking the openal driver in ut3 works.


                            Well I loaded Vista and I`m very pleased with it, also did a 3dmark06 bencmark
                            On my Pc there is only a 215 points diff

                            My sm3/2 score is excactly the same as Xp, on lost a few points in my cpu score

                            XP 32 bit - 11122
                            Vista 32 bit - 10907


                            6000+ @ 3.15 GHz
                            M2N-SLI Deluxe Mobo
                            2G Adata DDR 800
                            EVGA SC 8800GT 512 mb

                            Think I`ll stay with Vista, only have 1 prob, can any1 advice me how to copy over the network a bit faster thow, or know of a tool or something

                            Tx in advance


                              I have issues with UT3, Silent Hunter III, Silent Hunter IV, WoW, and almost everything else on Vista. Vista is currently at what normal people would call "beta stage". Microsoft however, does not share this view and enjoys feeding us incomplete operating systems with intrusive software installed. You should google for Vista and Europe, or maybe Britain. I forget which, but a large portion of the world refused Vista and did something to prevent it from coming over due to some of the more intrusive features on Vista.

                              That aside, Vista is still not stable for most games, it isn't as fast as XP, and it fails horrendously on systems with less than a gig of RAM.

                              Cyberthug, Vista is crippled in OpenGL, OpenAL, and networking. The stock "tcpip.sys" file in Vista is set as low as two concurrent TCP sessions. On XP it was 65536 prior to SP2, where they choked it down to ten. This slowed down a LOT of networking applications and even broke things like P2P apps. In XP you can run a tool to set it to what you want it at, but it does not work under Vista yet. Tell me what distro of Vista you have and I can tell you how many TCP sessions you can have at once. More simultaneous connections equals more throughput.