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I have to agree with AnubanUT2 and Nagis. Please stop asking over and over for mods to be cooked. Eventually that turns into trolling and we will ban you for that. One request is fine. People making mods have already gone to a great deal of trouble for the benefit of the community. Not all of those mods are going to be ideal for PS3 and it is the choice of the mod maker to decide to cook it to PS3 or not. So be polite and appreciative and maybe they'll help you. Be incessant and annoying and you're likely going to hurt the community more than you help it. We'll also kick you off this forum if you do so repeatedly.
MY personal expirience with issue:
Just out of curiosity, I have asked some mod makers to create the PS3 cooks and got no reply. A week goes, by and a another yet I get no reply. I understand some people might feel like they are getting "bugged" or what Mark thinks as people "trolling".

But is it too hard to reply? Might sound too simple right?

"Yes, I am working on a cooking the mod for the PS3.."
"No, sorry I don't want my mod on the PS3...."
"I won't cook my mod for the ps3 because it is illegal..." (LIE)
"I don't have time."

I sent a PM to two authors asking for a map to be cooked and the guy replies:
"STOP BUGGING ME FOR THE MOD, I WILL GET ADMINISTRATORS TO BAN YOUR ACCOUNT." I know this has happened to other people too.

However, I only asked the one time... like stated above. I understand that some MOD makers don't care for the PS3 or even hate Sony for some unknown reason, but there is still no reason to be so hostile to PS3 owners! I also realize the amount of work that goes into making mods. I even realize that I may of asked for a mod cook, and was actually the 20th person requesting...Should I assume people already asked?

As a old "modder" who use to help do Counterstrike mods, I find the community here a bit bigger but way too hostile! Now Mark and Epic Forum administrators like FLak and other siding towards the PC crowd. I am sure Mark and company would like people to stop hassling about the glitches and other problems as well...

So what do we do about the problem now? How do we fix the headache?

Simple, this may sound somewhat vague as first, but simply have EPIC release the MODS via In Game update. This method will have PS3 users less on the forums, and with no real reason to come to the forums in the first place besides helping test out a beta......

It might disappoint PS3 owners not having newly cooked mods for the PS3 on day 1, but it at least every PS3 owner of UT3 will have the same exact maps.

For PS3 users this means:

1) No getting kicked out of servers for not having mod.
2) More than 3 servers actually hosting Mods.
3) No more having to hunt down mods.

For Epic this means:

1) Requiring people to test maps.
2) Epic's Stamp of approval.
3) Servers to upload client side updates.

So how about it EPIC, I am not trolling but simply pitching an idea.

I hope that others who agree with this method or could add on realistic solutions, please expand on this thread.