First let me say sorry if I am posting this topic in the wrong forum but I need some help with the editor, nothing major but still keeping me from using it well

For the sake of the problem lets say I have a cude shape for a room and want to add texture (or material) to a wall, but when I click the wall it disapears, I click another wall, the first one returns but now the one I just click is gone, and so one and so on, somtimes I might be able to get one wall where I get the pale blue overlay indicating its selection but only one, and the odd thing is I can still add material to it, just cant see the change till I click a new panel and it reapears but I cant make any changes to the texture if this happens (scaling and whatnot) is this a glich or a setting I accedentally activated, if anyone could help me with this I would appreciate, its bad enought that i have to stay in 4 view mode to keep it from crashing without this problem driving me nuts.