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using mic on ps3 & wat is the "U" for?

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    using mic on ps3 & wat is the "U" for?

    i havnt figured out how to use my mic on this game and i havnt heard anyone talking. if there is no way to do this plz tell me now do i dont have to keep trying :P

    and i notice a "U" next to server names and have no idea what it means.

    i also noticed that most of the time the server host is the winner of the match by a landslide but this almost happens when the hosts ping is in the 100 or 200 range. wat do u think?

    im new to all this i purchased the game not to long ago but im pretty good
    my psn is sluggzz and if u want to play im down.
    thanks to all who reply and help out!

    they're are some troubles with the mic on ps3 patch will fix it
    the U means that ist a pure sever=no mutators just basic server