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    Was thinkin

    they should create another unreal anthology but just include unreal tournament gtoy and unreal 04 collectors edition and unreal 3 collectors edition in one, but instead of it being 3 different games it should be included into one, they could change the menu up so it fits everything, you could click ut or utk4 or ut3, and it should convert all the previous games to the unreal 3 engine. Cause my main complaint with unreal the original is the servers take a long time to load but in the later unreal's it takes like 3 seconds tops so if it used the other engines it would be faster not to mention better graphics and stuff. Maybe also throwing some of the popular mods and mutators from each game would be cool to, anybody interested we should really get this back to epic, they really should release this because i want to play the original and utk4 but it would be nice if they could integrate it into one.

    that will never happen because most players allready have all the games seperate,
    plus when you release all those games into one with the latest graphics the community
    even gets splitted up more (see what happened in UT2k4 with having too many modes)