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Thinking about getting PS3 version, need some help

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    Thinking about getting PS3 version, need some help

    I have the PC version of this game, and I love it. I can barely play it though, as it runs like **** on my pc. I have decent specs, but the framerate is just bothering me a lot. Anyway, do all the problems the PC version of UT3 has persist on the PS3 version? I'm considering getting it so I can have a better gameplay experience. And if theres anything else someone want's to mention that has the PS3 version of this game, go ahead. Thanks a bunch.

    Oh yeah, and a question that I really need to know, for the patches that are released for the PC versions, can you use them for the PS3 version? Thanks again.

    The game plays in a standard manner on all PS3's as they all have the same specs. It apparently runs a little bit slower on the PS3 version, but there are also speed mutators available.

    The gaming experience is great on the PS3 (nothing like seeing the game on a 50" TV while stretched back in a recliner!) and the wireless controllers (or mouse/keyboard) are great. You can also use a wireless bluetooth headset for communication (though currently their voice chat system sucks!, but apparently a fix is in the works).

    All in all, the PS3 is pretty reasonably priced compared to some of the expensive gaming rigs and you'll find a fairly level playing field.


      I think I heard someone say that the PS3-version is capped on 30FPS. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
      Imo if you could play on a PS3 do it, since its cheaper then upgrading your whole PC.


        It is 30fps, as I understand it the hardware is capable of pushing more but when the action heats up you would see a drop and to make it a more consistent feel the cap is 30 which almost never drops lower.

        The game is slower by default than on PC, not FPS but slower paced. I really do not mind (having played most older UT games) though.

        Max online players is 16 vs the PC 32, who knows, perhaps increased later on.


          The PC version is simply better than the PS3 version in all respects. In all honesty if your computer can't run UT3 then it's time to upgrade. I just spent $650 on a computer and it runs UT3 at maxed settings at maxed FPS. Granted I built the computer myself and found a lot of bargains but the point is that most people exaggerate the cost of PC gaming nowadays.


            the thing is, not all of us can just drop $650 to upgrade to a new computer.

            i have both the PC and the PS3 version of Unreal, and i play it on my PS3 100% of the time.

            the mouse and keyboard support is excellent, the graphics are up their with max settings on the PC (not exact, but **** close, especially on an HDTV), and the online is fun (as in, there are actually people playing the game online.

            the Playstation 3 is $400, and doesn't have to constantly be upgraded with new hardware whenever a new game is released. you can play Final Fantasy XIII when that releases this year, without having to worry about an upgrade.

            if you're not satisfied with the way the game runs on the PC, it can't hurt to get the PS3 version. Epic did a great job with the PS3 version.

            the stigma that consoles will always be inferior to PCs need to stop. this isn't the Playstation 2 and X Box generation, when consoles were laughably behind PCs. for now, at least, they are giving you better value for your money, in particular the PS3, which has all the media center capabilities of a PC, plus a built in Blu Ray drive, so for those that own an HDTV, you can enjoy HD movies also. the fact that you can swap hard drives, install Linux, and other things make the PS3 a great deal, especially for it's price tag.

            PCs are great and all, but it's not easy for all of us to keep up with it's every changing technology. a console offers a bit of stability for a few years. the reason why most people exaggerate the cost of PCs, is because not all of us are "in the know" concerning every bargain and deal you can find on the PC.

            i built my PC a few years ago, and it's run me over $1000. it would run me quite a bit more to upgrade, and for what? just to play Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 at max settings? no thanks. a console was simply an easier and more cost effective choice. but sure, if you're willing to look for deals, and spend a little extra dough to upgrade, go for it.

            neither choice is right or wrong, it's what's best for you, but UT3 on the PS3 does the series proud.


              Good thread as I'm thinking about just the same thing.

              I have a PC, but it's quite old and would need a major upgrade. On the other hand I got a PS3 for christmas. So I'm considering buying UT3 for PS3. And it's especially good to read here that people have good experiences with playing it on the PS3 and that the pad controls seem to work well. I've played all Unreal games on PC so far and was a bit nervous when it came to missing mouselook and that...

              The only downsides are the missing UnrealEd and the game speed being a bit crippled (and another downside is the censored german version and the US version for PC being easier to get than the US version for PS3 ... but in the end that doesn't matter). But to play it on PC I'd need to spend a lot of money and I can't do that (student...). So I'll get it for PS3. The only question is whether I should install Linux on the baby and play the PC version of the game (and enjoy UnrealEd) or whether I should stick to the real PS3 version...

              Anybody got experience with Linux on PS3 and playing the PC version of UT3 on it?


                I've got it on my PS3 and I really like it. The only issue I've had is that at first there was a problem with my router firmware so the game would lock up at the start. A flash later and I was in business. I've heard of people experiencing crashes using the Midway or VCTF servers online. I haven't tried those, but I've played deathmatch online just fine. I played UT, UT2K3, and UT2K4 on my computer and was concerned about getting used to the controller. It hasn't been that big of an issue to get used to.

                Originally posted by Der_Schreiner View Post
                Anybody got experience with Linux on PS3 and playing the PC version of UT3 on it?
                I haven't tried it, but I doubt it would be possible right now. AFAIK, Linux on the PS3 doesn't give you full access to the GPU. No GPU, no game.