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my Tank Ownage Video!

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    How can you leave the tank alone to get down to the centre nodes on foot? :x

    Anyways, glad you like tanks, there's a lot more you can do with them. :P

    Edit: @"people play for fun etc...": If he calls his video an "ownage" video, I also expect to see some ownage. :P


      If you're worried about quality, upload to the stage6 site at This allows much better quality videos and always streams better too.


        Thanks Lillien!

        D2F- i did manage to get a Rampage and a few double kills...i wasnt going for "spectacular" i was going for "entertaining" and "blow sh*t up while rocking to some cool music"
        thats what i was going for.

        my videos arent really spectacular gameplay wise because im not that good a player,
        so i focus more on the synergy between action on screen and the music.
        and if it makes you think or you enjoyed it then my job is done.

        plus it adds to the community of gaming video while hopefully sharpening my video making skills which i learn somethingn new everyday.

        i havent really tried Divx format yet because i want the widest audience,
        and right now thats you tube and WMV format because everyone has the media player.
        so i shoot for that format. if i go Divx then i lose a % of the audience that refuses to install the player.

        i would like to learn how to get better quality on you tube tho.
        flash video is so fuzzy...


          one last bump...for those who might not have seen this yet...