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Anyone else see these Bot Match bugs?

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    Anyone else see these Bot Match bugs?

    Has anybody seen any of these Bot Match bugs?
    • Right now, I play mostly bot matches, and havent seen this bug online, but when you headshot a bot, their body will stand for a couple seconds, and AFTER they're dead, they continue to fire at you, as if their head was still in place.
    • The bot difficulties dont do much to help. Once you go above Experienced difficulty, It doesnt matter what level they are on, the have expert aim, but reduced/enhanced navigating abilities depending on the difficulty. The only real difference between the higher difficulties are that they dodge attacks more and they are able to use advanced tactics for traversing maps, especially on maps with multiple floors that you can jump between easily.
    • On any and all difficulties, the bots ALWAYS know where I am... I could be following them, and they'll go around a corner, and as soon as I make the turn around the corner, all I see is a rocket flying at my face. Also they are WAAY too precise when flakking around corners... It's like they see me on the other side of the wall, and adjust the angle they shoot, to make sure they hit me, even if they never saw me in that particular room in the first place...
    I wouldnt call them game breaking, but they're definately annoying.

    As far as i can tell (i'm one of the 'other half' ut fans, playing almost always off-line ) this was almost the same in ut2003-04.

    Basically, ut bots always know where the player is. In team games that helps them to find you surely if you give them an order to follow you. But this also helps them to find you if they are on opposing team or in FFA

    Bots also have a perfect eye, they will see you anyway regardless of level decorations (leaves, bushes, etc.) and light/shadow. So it's pointless to hide from them.

    So it's true, that base difficulty settings mostly do improve their aim, at least after level 4

    In UTBot.uc you can find sort of 'level caps', using RPG term ... i mean, there're limitations in certain bot's skill. E.g. they can shoot a shock core (and do combo) while moving from level 4 (in low levels it's only combo from standing position for them)...

    As for bug with bots shooting at you after being headshotted, i never experienced that


    Sort of correction Bot do not know the exact location of the player (and each other) every moment, but they track movements and actions. It's more noticeble in big maps, where you can order 'cover me', move along and see the bot going right to spot from where you gave it an order

    Bots can hear your actions and track you by that, and theirs ears are just as perfect as their eyes. So they will always know in which part of the map you currently are.


      Official AI Bot Bug List

      Note from a Single Player (Instant Action) Fan


        Thanks for posting that, whenever I find more bot match bugs, i'll report them there.