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UT3 Server!!!

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    UT3 Server!!!

    Hey dudes,

    I am currently in a clan and we do many games here are the ones we do:

    - Counter Strike Source
    - Counter Srike 1.6
    - Quake Wars
    - Team Fortress 2
    - Call Of Duty Four
    - World Of Warcraft

    We are a big clan with about 100 active members at least! At the moment i am in the middle of creating a Unreal Tournament 3 Server for my clan.
    I have been granted permission and i hope to have the server up in the next few days.

    To be able to keep this Unreal Tournament 3 Server then i must get at least 10 active members that will play on it and join the Clan, i have 1 month to do this, my time is running out!

    The rules of the clan are that you must be active on the forums and therefore post on the clan forums and what not.

    If you feel that you would be dedicated to a clan and would like to play Unreal Tournament 3 as your main Division in the clan then please add me on Xfire, MSN or AIM.

    MSN -
    AIM - ComputerMaxD
    Xfire - davida50000

    I would really appreciate it if you do this. But please only contact me if you think you will be didicated to the clan and if you think that you can help me out by joining the Unreal Tournament 3 Division in the clan and by being active in the server.

    I look forward to hearing from as many as you as possible, also spread the word and tell you friends and get all the people you can to caontact me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all.

    Thank you for reading this.

    - David

    Contact Info Again -

    MSN -
    AIM - ComputerMaxD
    Xfire - davida50000

    free... bump.. soz i wud join but im already taken xD.. wud be cool if u posted more about the clan like a web address or sumit


      The clan is called The Legion the site is

      If you join then im not sure if UT3 can be selected as your primary Division yet, if not then click other/not listed.

      PM me when you are accepted in the Legion or add me on one of the things listed above and i will help.

      Be sure to tell me in some way that you want to join the UT3 Division.

      Thank you


        Please Guys, dont let this thread get forgoten anyone who wants to join please do.


          I admit, it's tempting, but it doesn't look like there is anyone in your clan even playing UT3 ATM...

          Where are you guys based? NA, Europe, Aus?


            NM, i just noticed your email. I'm in NA, so my pings to you would likely suck. Sorry man.


              You might also want to indicate what game type.


                Yes, sorry, please be aware that the reson there are no people playing the game at the moment is because the server is still in the process of being made for UT3. The server for it should be up in a couple of days but if i want to keep the server i have to get at least 10 active members in the next month that are also in the clan and in the Division in the clan!!!

                The game type i was thinking is either capture the flag or Veichel CTF (please excuse my spelling :P )

                Hope this helps.

                The website again is

                Thank you all

                - David


                  So do you also participate in clanbase?


                    Yes i do participate.


                      Remember if you want any more information about the clan and the UT3 server or you wish to join and what not add me at:

                      AIM: ComputerMaxD
                      Xfire: davida50000



                        i might be able to get u 3 players including myself but not until another month or so... xD sorry

                        From the EU tho xD


                          Excellent, add me and i will talk to you.

                          Same with anyone else, still need members to keep the server going over the next month!!!


                            Ok, i got 2 from here so far, i still need another 8 people AT LEAST!!!.

                            Anyone want to join, visit

                            And add me on one of these and talk to me about it!!!

                            Xfire- davida50000
                            AIM- ComputerMaxD


                              Bump... // btw if any1 is interested in this clan i highly recommend, it is very active and very organized... lots of fun & good times...
                              Check out the website or add my xfire: kinginsan1ty ... or use davida's.

                              davida is god :P