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Tournament for prize money,.?,.?

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    Tournament for prize money,.?,.?

    This is a Link to a Topic I started on But wanted to extend here as it's about UT3.

    I'm lazy so I'll just put the Basics here you can go there to read all that's been said so far and then open the discussion up here,...By all means MODs set me str8 if i'm doing something wrong here;

    My Initial Post reads as follows;

    Got some gears going through my head LOL. couple years ago me and a cousin of mine and his gf(wife now) were running a couple gaming tournament leagues,. been a while,. was never for money,. but I was thinking someone needs to set up something interesting,...

    Have like everyone put a certain amount of money I'm thinking 6bucks into a PayPal account(and no this isn't a scam,. PayPal protects against that kinda **** so no worries) and have a prize system set up based on how many people enter,. say like for example 40 people join and pay $6 each the prizes work out to ;:

    $100 Grand Prize ,

    $50 for 1st runner up ,

    $20 for 2nd runner up,

    3rd runner up $10

    Grand Prize increases $50 for every 10 players who pay to join

    yes it roughly works out to $1 per entry going to whoever manages it i figure that would about cover his fees for sending out the Prizes from his Paypal account and cover wear& tear on his PS3 running has Dedicated server for the whole tournament and what not,.

    So I just wanna know who'd be interested?,. naturally you need a PayPal Account and UT3 for PS3 ,.. could it really be that hard to get together 40 gamers,... hmm would I get my *** sued off by Epic for this, naw don't see how,...

    well talk to me people,... am i crazy or got a good ideal here??

    im not good enough so wouldnt even try to come third out of everryone


      I voted "Not Interested"..not because I dont want money, but because I know i'll get owned...


        ya lol ,. that's the toughy,. cuz I feel the same so I wouldnt actually join myself,. so how can I expect to get one goin' for other people too LOL,. hmm,. certain percentage to go to a particular Charity perhaps,. wonder if that would add interest. Most charities do have Paypal accounts now a days


          This seems to be for 1on1 games. 1on1 is boring imo, voted not interested.


            Originally posted by Taboen View Post
            This seems to be for 1on1 games. 1on1 is boring imo, voted not interested.
            I hadn't figured out that part yet ,. open to suggestion this is still in the Ideal(with serious interest to pull off) phase LOL

            Let me ask you this question how would you score a tournament of say 40 entries,. what game tpyes would you use,. how would you score points to go towards advancing,.? how would you get knocked out?,.

            Elimination is Great but it would be to short and simple to decide say 20 entries with one simple Elimination Match,. Wonder how the Tournanment Elimination Game Type works,...

            Unless it's split between a couple say 20 people Elimination matchs with HIgh numbers to make it a nice long match,. and say the top 5 rank advance,. then eventually theyd all be in one match till eventually it came down to a 1v1 Duel for the Win!


              2on2 tdm or 2on2 ictf would be great. With a single elimination or double elimation system I think is best. Or if you want to offer as much matches as possible. Make groups of say 5, then everybody in the group has to face eachother and the best 2 of the group go to a elimination stage.


                The tournaments I enter here in Maine have prizes of up to 200$. well thats the most we ever played for.

                was at the digital demise lan UT99 & UT2004 was hot at the lans. I ended up winning the entire time and people said OMG vertigo is here. lets just give him a prize. I said um no lets just play and don't whine lol..

                You might want to concider some prizes besides money. maby mouse pads or Bawls !

                take some pictures of the people who win and the lan and you can get it posted at

                if this was in maine I'd say HEy count me in but if this iss another state or online I cant . no money to get there & Dial up internet access.

                Wish you the best of luck with your lan! hope it turns out ok!

                its all good after 5 yrs of lans with them and getting new people the smack was the best at the lan parties. since then the lan has died and yeah I have not been to a lan in Maine for a while. I really want to do

                2v2 or 4v4 gears of war lan tournaments or just lan for fun

                UT3 if and when the sound issues are fixed Death match tdm & CTF. I don't care much for war zone. I wish assault was in the game that was fun for tournament play.


                  Assualt,.? Warzone,. you mean Warfare?,. yeah I hate Warfare too,.no not Lans just online,. was just a crazy ideal came to my head earlier today,.it's still there but I just don't think I good pull it off in any decent way I dunno,.


           - we are starting the UT3 ladder within the next month or so, and the first league registration will be free, but the leagues after will have a coverage fee per player. You can do 1v1 tournys, or 5v5 with a clan, but registration will be PER PLAYER. And the cool thing about nato is that after thsi first league thats free, the winning teams/players on each league will make more than 100$ afaik.