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Euro WF clans - join the dam ladder!

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    Euro WF clans - join the dam ladder!

    This is a request for all those European clans who play together on publics, yet don't play other clans competatively, to join the community soon before it starts dying.
    Head over to and sign yourselves up.

    At current, there is a ridiculously small number of clans in the ladder for the game's "big new mode". Imo I will never love it as much as AS, but the mode works far, far better when your team knows what they're doing.

    I'm not sure what all the old ONS clans are doing, anyone know what Divine are up to? A couple other clans have now finally joined after what I can only assume was a month of developing tactics or something.

    I'm guessing a lot of clans are still adapting to the game before they start signing up to the ladders, whilst others might be sticking to UT2004 TAM. But in it's current state, if the ladder doesn't start getting more numbers soon, I don't think it will ever grow.

    I'm glad the SLT guys launched straight in there and are still successful.

    This mode will never get a spotlight if too many clans keep waiting.

    That's you too DF2

    If anyone's bored, go make a clan and sign up.

    We got owned in the ladder but still had a lot of fun. Organized clanmatches ftw ^^ Made some new challenges for new matches also.


      We're busy completing our WAR squad, we really want to get started in the ladder as soon as possible.


        You're inviting us to kick your *** sooner rather than later? Mad.. :P