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UT3 getting confused about which skin to use.

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    UT3 getting confused about which skin to use.

    I'm sure I've read that sometimes UT3 changes some bots to use default skin(the one from the demo), I forgot if there was a solution or not. However now my UT3 likes to have them mixed up with my custom skins like the Xan MKIII port from UT04 by EE and the Damarus skin. It's not too big on my gameplay, but killing Jester when she's a man, killing Reaper when he's a Gen Mo Kai and having 10 Xans running around is kind of disturbing.

    Is there a fix to this or are we still waiting on Epic?

    A quick answer will do =].

    P.S. It seems it only happens when I have a large amount of bots on the map, maybe 14+. I've tested with about 6, and they all work normally, I've tried matches with and without the custom bots and they work. Only when there's too many does UT3 start to funk up.

    It should also be noted that I had this problem before patch 1.1, but it was only with the default skin.

    Interestingly enough, the Xan MKI remake and his Disaster model do NOT get mixed up. However, sometimes they still revert to default skin.

    All help appreciated.