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problem with new pc

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    problem with new pc

    ok so ive purchased a bunch of new stuff from newegg to build my new computer and ive run into a problem involving the power supply and MB.

    the power supply is ocz gamer xtreme 700w and the mb is evga 680i t1 version.

    the particular problem is that the motherboard has an 8pin 12v connector for the CPU and the PSU has 2x4pin cpu connectors. one is labelled cpu1 and the other cpu2. so i kinda figured i could stick bouth the cpu1 and cpu2 cables into the 8 pin slot. however, i wanted to check before i end up frying my computer.


    Instead of a game forum, why don't you try the forum for your motherboard / power supply manuf.? You'll likely get a lot better responses from people on average more informed than gamers.