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    Originally posted by stalepriest View Post
    Thats nuts, what cpu do you have? I have 1950pro 512mb and get 30-40 fps at 1440x900 at 3-4 for Textures/world detail.

    I find the user made maps run 100% better than the game maps though easily 20fps better.

    Are we comparing notes in the epic ATI x1950 win? Orm are you calling BS on this one?

    Either way, I have a dual core 2.66 intel chip, and also 2 gigs of ram.

    I advise you look at the unreal tweaker that Brad G has produced. Good stuff.


      Originally posted by member View Post
      And I was gonna say earlier "I wish I had a dollar for every time a responder just totally ignored everything the original poster said" but I thought if I came across sounding hostile people might think I was an *******. Really it was partly my fault I didn't give a dollar amount, more expensive could've meant $125 or $250 when talking about that card.
      If you are really worried about price, that EVGA SSC 8600GT the other poster linked to would be good. You'll be happy with the value you get for your money. If money is tight, you'd probably be happy with that MSI I listed, too. It's even cheaper than that EVGA before and after rebate.

      And yep. I live just outside of Eastown. Go GR!


        Done with EPIC


          "or wait for the 9800 nvidia comes out in Feb. 08 and hope it drives down the 8800 prices."

          this is a good idea!