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Joystick support is so archaic... here's my issue

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    Joystick support is so archaic... here's my issue

    Hey guys and girls at Epic, let's add some better support in-game for joy/game-pads.

    Here's my issue...

    I have a Logitech Force 3D Pro.

    When I enable the joystick by manually editing UTEngine.ini to AllowJoystickInput=1: the joystick is then using 100% turn left x-axis when I start the game.

    If I go to any settings slider bars, there is no way to keep the sliders set, since the joystick is moving any highlighted settings full left.

    If I join a game, my character will turn left out of control.

    Anyone else experience this?

    I tested this in the demo, and it was the same.

    I do have a very good joystick profiler called pinnacle game profiler... but would like this game to have much better support so I'm not tied to the profiler.

    I also am unable to edit my turn and look rates in UTInput.ini without this joystick support enabled.

    Really glad I'm not using joystick support from UT3 to fly a helicopter.


    I'd lean over all the way to the right in my chair and see if that helps...


      In xpadder ( ) you can set up a deadzone for analog sticks - maybe that helps?

      They even have a screenie from a logitech 3d pro for easy setup...