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How to shoot with Necris Scavenger?

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    How to shoot with Necris Scavenger?

    Hey, another n00b question:

    I can lock onto flying vehicles with my Necris Scavenger (The ball vehicle with tentacles), but I cant shoot anything, I see a line shoot across the screen a very thing one but I thought that may be a grapple or something. Would someone please explain to me everything it can do, I udnerstand I can roll really fast and slice them with my tentacles, but I mean gun wise. I feel like I'm missing something

    Read this thread:

    It is chock full of great tips on vehicles, very helpful.

    The Scavenger has a floating ball thingy that does circles around it. When you lock onto an enemy, and you see that line connecting you, the floating ball zooms toward the enemy. While you are locked on, you'll see a yellow line connecting the floating ball and your enemy. This does 50 damage every second.

    When in pin ball mode (right click) and you press fire, you spin your tentacles around and kill people around you. Also when in pin ball mode if you ram an opponents vehicle it does substantial damage.

    The Scavenger can also climb steep slopes, or statues and the like.

    It also jumps, press spacebar.


      thanks a ton!