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Force AA with an ATI card? (specifically HD 2600XT)

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  • Force AA with an ATI card? (specifically HD 2600XT)

    I see a bunch of stuff about forcing it with a Nvidia cards, but nothing of ATI? The card can definitely handle DX10, my computer in whole can, I have Vista.

    Not to mention I haven't seen any DX10 effects in UT3... What happened there (not even a motion blur, which can be done with DX9)?

    CCC doesn't seem to do anything when I change the settings, the same went with my old integrated Nvidia 6150SE card that was horrid for UT3 with the Nvidia Control Panel.

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    As far as I know, you can't do any kind of AA on an ATI card.

    Epic said Dx10 effects (well, all I've heard is FSAA) will be patched in.

    As for motion blur... it's in the ps3 version and in the editor. Seems Epic either removed it because a) they assumed everyone didn't want it (not an invalid assumption, as Crysis does the same thing for multiplayer.) b) wanted to be jerks and released it as a Vista exclusive later on.

    Many of us, including myself, do want motion blur, and I hope that Epic includes an option for it in the second patch.


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      Hm, alright, thanks for the reply.

      Guess I have to wait for a patch.


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        yea AA supposedly is not "fixed" yet. The motion blur shader is there, just not implemented yet. if you want to see pics or sample it yourself, check this thread >>

        i have the same card (512mb/ddr3 ver) Its not too jaggey at 1680x1050 tho, but even 2xAA would be great for minimal fps loss and quality.

        but motion blur+AA(1680x1050)=death for us heh. its gonna have to be one or the other whenever they fix it