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Should they bring back some old game types?¿?

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    Originally posted by at0micsmurf View Post

    Seriously, that was my favourite game mode ever. I like warfare and capture the flag, but they do get a bit boring at times and Invasion was a really nice change. It's why I'm considering buying UT2004 again, although I'm not sure incase there's no one playing it (if someone can tell me how busy UT2004 is i'd appreciate it)
    I remember Invasion, what a game that was.


      Originally posted by Pser View Post
      Onslaught: high

      Invasion: pretty good

      Assault: very low (excluding race&trials servers)

      BR: empty

      Mutant, ddom, lms, etc: not existent
      Thank you. I think thats popular enough for me to buy it again. I love the onslaught maps, so much better than the new warfare maps imo


        Originally posted by Shadow Dancer View Post
        UT3 is already a UT/2k4 hybrid. The slight variants of DM could probably be done via mutators pretty easily. If anything I'd like to see a mix of XMP and Warfare, and regular Dom instead of Double
        Btw, what's with the tiny, unreadable text?
        Just a little thought no one should be concerned with

        In UT3 you know that if you pick up U damage and bezerk, the announcer says JUGGERNAUT right? In mutant, I think that the mutant is given invisibility, berserk and U damage so..
        I was wondering what the UT3 gametype would be called, would it stay mutant or would it be JUGGERNAUT? If it were Juggernaut, it would be similar to a game variant of the Halo series where the object of the game is somewhat the same.

        hmm wait, if they put in Mutant, will they call it mutant or JUGGERNAUT


          Bring back everything i seriously mean it i use to play all game types except RPG Invasion i LOVED classic invasion none of this silly building up skills and powers just you versus the monsters and your team mates helping classic,also classic DOM and assault and a great few mods one of which is defenately Jailbreak and bombing run and onslaught just get the lot in there you can never have to much of a great game
          HAPPY GAMING !!!


            It's not going to happen...

            Give it up.


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                They didn't include domination, bombing run etc because almost nobody was playing it. They didn't want to waste resources on something that wasn't asked for and they for sure wont add it later. Modders are on the case though so soon we'll probably see more options in the server browser.


                  Originally posted by Neivler View Post
                  .........Bombing run is what I misses the moste. But some modders are working on it right now!!
                  yup - look