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    Originally posted by Brad.G View Post
    how to be a fantastic player:

    Step one:
    Observe Brad G playing UT3 for at least one hour

    Step two:
    now do the opposite of everything Brad G done.

    providing you have followed these instructions to the tee, you will no longer die or play poorly.
    hahaha Humality that's funny! Brad you rock.


      A bot in since always no where you are and the aim also. human players as said earlier are unpredictable. every player has thier own set of movements so you cant just mimic som1s movements and aim. playing online will help you skill improve. Using hitscan weps more then the rest helps your aim area


        In times of flatrates I see no reason to play bots at all. Just hop on the next server and learn by doing. The bots won't get you far.


          Originally posted by FedorE View Post
          In times of flatrates I see no reason to play bots at all. Just hop on the next server and learn by doing. The bots won't get you far.



            just play online if you want to get better, I have never played a bot that moved like a real player.


              Originally posted by CuDa View Post
              just play online if you want to get better, I have never played a bot that moved like a real player.

              To be honest, I havn't played UT3 online very much (1 of my 2 housemates is always sucking up with bandwidth), but I've racked up around 500 hours or so online with UT2k4. My biggest mistake starting out was that I was too focused on getting the kill. I'd run in wildly, flack spamming all over the place. Sure, I'd get alot of kills, but my kill to death ratio was appalling. I was not a good player.

              I never really practiced against bots too much. I'd like to play a quick godlike team deathmatch before going online, just to get me in the mood. I found that I'd improve quite alot, by learning the levels inside out - That was pretty important.

              Counting respawn times of items - That often made all the difference. I think it's like 40 seconds after the Udamage expired before it would respawn.

              Using hitscan weapons more than the others helped my aim alot. But I never neglected the spam. I supopse a good method would be to master one weapon, and become proficient in the rest.

              To be honest, and I suppose alot of people will disagree here, the weapon I would suggest "mastering" so to speak, would be the shock rifle. In my opinion, hands down best weapon in any UT game. *Almost* hitscan for long range kills, shock cores were great for catching someone who bounced around alot mid-range, and the shock combo - Well, if you ever wanted to clear out a small gathering of people without being accused of spamming, there's no better -Anyone can be a flack monkey, it takes practice to be a comb *****


                Originally posted by JohnTheMutt View Post
                Do the bots (godlike setting) give you any challenge in DM compared to other online players?
                Not really. I usually don't play bots, very boring to me. The only time I run a game / server offline is to test a map or to lan for practice. I've played a few duels to test epic's AI work, and it was pretty bad. Usually the bot kills himself one or two times, and the end score is somewhere around 28 - -2.

                Originally posted by JohnTheMutt View Post
                I ask this out of great curiosity and respect because I hear that regular online players are very, very good at this game and I won't even play online until I can at least hold my own with these bots which are owning me big time... So far the best I can do is 2nd place in DM against experienced bots...
                Playing FFA DM against godlike bots is pretty bad too. Considering their enforcer shots never miss, its gets annoying pretty quickly.

                Originally posted by JohnTheMutt View Post
                Personally I suck badly at this game and couldn't even finish the 'offline' campaign without resorting to the 'casual' gamer difficulty. Though what I found to be the hardest was warfare, then CTF and finally DM was the easiest at this setting. It just seemed hard to sync into my teams AI in warfare.
                Haha, i kinda did the same. I started the game on godlike to see how fast I could get through it, then I found out that your teammates are no less than sub par on the mentally challenged level, so considering they give you VERY little, if no help on the ctf / warfare maps, its almost impossible to take it all on yourself.

                So, i put it on easy mode and went through it in about 30 mins.

                anyway, best way to improve is to play online. Make some friends with the community who play a lot, have a good attitude, and are willing to help you improve or give you pointers on where to start.

                A basic starting point would be:
                Do you know each map your attempting to play inside and out?
                Can you run it backwards, and still know where you're going?
                Veteran players bind each weapon to a different key, doing that allows you switch to any weapon in your current inventory and choose the right one for the situation quickly.

                a step above that would be this:

                Timing is important, keeping track of powerups helps you stay ahead and keep better control of the map. Learning timing is very important. Time the 100 first, then work on timing a few items at once. Maybe the 100 and the rocket launcher. Or, the 100, RL, and the 50. Controlling those 3 can really make a difference in a game.

                Learn to predict: Where is your opponent going? Where do you think he will go? Learn to set traps and surprise attacks based on your assumption. This can be as simple as a corner, or setting the 100 shield up for bait.

                some advanced techniques would be the following:

                A step above simply predicting your opponent, try and learn a few things about him. What is his best weapon? Where does he usually go after grabbing the 100? Does he ever venture out of his normal path?

                Picking up patterns is also very key. In a tournament game, or a lan setting you probably won't get to play much of your opponents before it all starts. This is where you need to adapt quickly and pick up what he just did and learn from it. So the first few minutes of a game is usually a feeling out process for both players. Trying to determine how they are approaching the map, ect..

                Its more about playing your opponent and outsmarting him mentally rather than just being a better fragger. When you reach a skill set above the average player, the game isn't as much about "who can pew pew with shock" or "trip rocks + jump boots" better. On an equal skill level against 2 players, the person who plays smarter will win.

                Spectating good duel players will help you see new paths to take, angles to shoot, ways of maneuvering around the map smoothly. There are some videos out from past tournaments (all dueling).

                hope this helps.



                  Thanks rythem! Helps a lot! Appreciate everyone's input.

                  I finally got first place playing against 5 experienced bots on DM. LOL it was tough... I've still got a ways to go...


                    keep it up, im not an expert but practice practice practice


                      Originally posted by JohnTheMutt View Post
                      I ask this out of great curiosity and respect because I hear that regular online players are very, very good at this game and I won't even play online until I can at least hold my own with these bots which are owning me big time...
                      Nah man, don't wait. When you go online there will be a wide variety of players. There will be those who just got the game and there will be those who have been playing for many years. That means you might hop in a server and do alright or you might hop in a server and get crushed.

                      Just don't have any expectations, have fun with it, don't listen to the endless banter that can sometimes happen online, and go play! I think waiting is silly.


                        I play agains godlike bots and have played enough against them to win very, very easily. (15 - 20 spread). But i find that you die so much faster and easier in this game that any player with average fps know-how and a sturdy mouselook ability, could be just as challenging. In ut04, if you were f u c k i n g good, (as i was COMPARED TO MY FRIENDS ON A LAN), you really stand out. Now my friends that suck can kill me with luck shots. I hate this.coz i didnt die in ut04 against my human opponents... But anyway, to the point. Godlike is imo the only decent practice, other than playing online of course, because godlike bots simply are TOO accurate. Esp with stinger. But playing against bots only really helps getting 2 know the maps, weapons etc. Imo imo imo


                          Normally when I play online, I dont get disgusted when I loose, instead, I tend to learn what mistakes I normally have done in that match and try to time myself better. In the long run, it worked for me, and for a PS3 gamer, I can hold my own playing on Godlike with extremely sensitive settings.

                          Edit- There is a skill you can try mastering. Raise your Y and X invert to a higher setting. While I play online, people on the PS3 take FOREVER to turn around, with my settings, I can turn around by just tapping the joystick half way in a full 180. It wont help you if you take forever to turn around when someone is attacking you. And im sure everyone can agree, its annoying.

                          The Flak Cannon and the Rocket Launcher are my two favorite weapons. Mainly because I can deal major damage to my foes in very tactical ways. Im very accurate with the Flak Cannon on its secondary fire (Kinda like the grenade Launcher), and alot of the PS3 users dont know that there is a third way to fire off your rocket Launcher. Having the information alone is crucial to my victory. (Third fire is firing one to three grenades. I use this before entering a room.)

                          Granted my online stats on the PSN are not that great, but thats because I cant find a good ping server. I never join a server that has over 300 Ping, its Disgusting.

                          All I can tell you is try to find a skill that you enjoy doing, and see how it works on players that dont use it. Its what makes the online experience grand and very enjoyable.

                          Edit- Oh yeah, and I dont think of myself as a "Pro" or carry any bragging rights. Mainly because I dont like to do that. Its just a game, and I cant profit off of anything if I just say im better than anyone. Thats called good sportsmanship


                            The best way to become better against online players is online play. Bots become very predictable in movement and can be very unpredictable in pure logic. Sure you can warmup against bots but to learn the game play online as much as possible.


                              Originally posted by Giggity View Post

                              Sos_your_face is alot more funny than So's_your_face :P


                              Bots are predictible but have godlike aim, humans are unpredictible with terrible aim. Use both modes to practise different things.
                              Perhaps, but I've played with some 1v1ers in ut2k4 that had what I would consider better aim then godlike bots.

                              Their aim is terribly accurate.

                              I'm not too bad either, but not like they are.