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    That is because vctf rocks... It has a great flow. It's a mix of a real war + standard UT balance. I personally don't like CTF because of the translocator, thats why I mostly play iCTF. But besides iCTF, vCTF is my favourite gametype.


      I don't really like VCTF at all. I think it's a combination of the small map count & that the games seem to last forever. Also I think Suspense was the best map they made for it & I overplayed that in the demo.
      Maybe I just landed on too many servers where the enemy was playing defend the base, but it just doesn't work for me.
      I would love to play normal CTF but as most of the servers use translocator that's not going to happen.
      CTF used to be my favorite gametype, but I just haven't got into in UT3.

      I would like to see Epic introduce VTDM so that people who just want to get in cars & shoot stuff would have somewhere to go, although it might kill off public WAR & VCTF servers too much. A deathbowl type map with VLMS pops into my head as well a bit like Destruction Derby type thing I think that would be new player paradise.


        Originally posted by Cornholio View Post
        Kinda of a bummer ...........Not that many users playin UT3 Compared to UT2004
        UT2004 gamespy is counting the bots ...