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Zero Ping server--what is it?

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    Originally posted by Taboen View Post
    People that have low latency to each other play nonzp. Nationcups or people that are from far away, play eachother with zp. Its just better that way.
    Yea, worldwide cups are pretty bad latency-wise. **** light should travel faster on the bottom of the Atlantic. That's why there should be semi finals held, for example, in the NA and in the Europe. And then the winners of the semi finals would play two matches, one on a NA based server and another one on an Europe based one.


      I remember zeroping pretty much ruining the UT99 community back in the day.

      UT3 doesn't have as many users. you sure you'd want someone to pull the trigger on it?


        Originally posted by Xendance View Post
        Thus zero-ping would be useless if everyone would have small latency. Seriously, zero-ping is just annoying and unfair. Just try playing CS and you'll see how bad it is. I rather have a bit of latency than some non-synced ****zel. I don't see what's the problem with the current netcode.
        Nah, then zero-ping just slightly improves gameplay-- no misses when you definitely hit, etc.

        I'm not suggesting adding it as the default gameplay, but I'd like it as an option for instagib mostly.


          zeroping is a must for ps3 instagib


            Originally posted by ForceOfGod View Post
            zeroping is a must for ps3 instagib

            there is no need to talk about 10 miliseconds or whatever! the ping diference for some people are 100 or 200, its not only 10! and also lets forget the discussion about 350 pings ect, these people are the minor anyway!

            zeroping is not only usefull for users with ping over 200, its also usefull for users with ping 100 - 150 for instagib! There is still a huge diference to the HOST!, the HOST for example always have zeroping, so infact its unfair if only the HOST got zp and the other player not!

            i dont get it why some people have to trash zp! if you dont like it just skip it! no one force you to play on zp server!

            but one thing is FACT, there are plently of gamer who really would love to play online with instagib withut any shot delays!

            BTW, someone just released a mod for the PC version wich includes zeroping for instagib.