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UTInput.ini - Binding sensitivity to a key?

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    UTInput.ini - Binding sensitivity to a key?

    Hey guys. Please forgive me if the topic has already been covered, I did a search and didnt really come up with anything. But I was just wondering if there is a known method of binding sensitivity to a key, as in UT2k4? I never really played the original UT, but in my 21 active years of gaming, UT2k4 is without doubt, the one game I've played the most - so to be honest, when it comes to UT3, I feel like I'm playing with an arm missing

    Uncontrollably hitting the space bar after a dodge, selecting the impact hammer expecting a shield to crop up, crosshair flailing all over the place, haha. The biggest thing I miss from UT2k4 however, are individual weapon sensitivities. I'd usually have the shock and sniper set quite low, but the rocket and flack set pretty high. This "one sensitivity fits all" scheme has me quite frustrated.

    Initially, I attempted setting up a piped tweak in the ini along the lines of "...bXAxis | Axis aMouseX Speed =..." but any modification to the weapon selection binds were either overwritten by the server, or just disregarded. Does anyone know of a command which I could bind to a free key to change it on the fly?

    One more thing, how come some valid commands are still so often overwritten by the server? If I change the MouseSensitivity variable in [Engine.PlayerInput], it's just ignored. I have to change it in the UI before it's taken into account. Even when I set the ini to read only, it's still ignored. I mean, whats the point in even having the variable listed in the local ini, if it's not tweakable?!

    Take care guys