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The AGEIA Extreme Physics mod pack?

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    Originally posted by Medu Salem View Post
    Havok got finally bought by Intel,
    oh snap really? guess im behind on my news.
    i heard a rumor that intel might buy out Nvidia..which know...eliminate AMD/ATI off the map


      Originally posted by MTL View Post
      i heard a rumor that intel might buy out Nvidia..which know...eliminate AMD/ATI off the map
      That must not happen!!


        he he....


          Originally posted by hasol View Post
          That must not happen!!
          Won't happen. NVIDIA is far too successful on its own to want to sell unless they were WAY overpaid. Considering that their stocks are doing extremely well and there's no reason to expend for them to do any worse.... the type of money we're talking about is probably more than NVIDIA will ever be worth, particularly since Intel intends on competing more in the videocard market shortly.


            How cool would that be?! Nvidia are worth around $19 billion which is about 1/10th of what Intel is worth.

            AMD are in trouble, they are worth $400 million LESS than it paid for ATI in July 2006 . That makes Intel 32 times the size of AMD (in monetary terms) and Intel are 4 times the size.

            Another nail in the AMD coffin (much like the nail hammered into the HD DVD coffin by Warner Bros). AMD failed.


              I also read a rumour (so don't expect it as going to happen, its still a rumour without any proof) about nVidia considering to get into the desktop-processor-market as well on its own, definatly without Intel.

              But if thats true, even they don't have the expierience and it would take them several years to advance to the level of Intel/AMD are now and another few years to catch up with them, they would still kill AMD straight out of the business without any problems.

              AMD where able to compete with Intel before they bought ATI. Now they earned the problems of ATI, which had several problems keeping it up with nVidia anyways. They really made a wrong decision about buying them. They should have left ATI on its own to finally finish their own products like the Phenom without any errors, then they maybe would have been able to show Intel who's the boss and then they would still have gotten the chance of buying ATI when they can't resist it.


                Try playing CTF-Tornado on the PhysX server online as a preview

                Originally posted by D-Hunter View Post
                I want to try it, but that file is HULKING. I've got 5 minutes remaining on the download, and that's long for my connection speed.
                Try playing CTF-Tornado on the PhysX server online as a preview. I have heard some say they can play it without the card, but FPS is real bad. CTF-Lighthouse will become unplayable shortly after things get going as your FPS will drop to single digits without the card. Even with the card, your FPS will be lower on these maps than non PhysX intensive maps. You really need a pretty high end machine in addition to the card to play these maps as FPS will drop pretty low at times. I consider my box to be a pretty high end older setup.

                My very obsolete specs;
                Opty 180 @ 2.6GHz (socket 939)
                DFI Infinity NF4 SLI (nforce 6.85 driver)
                2GB DDR400 (value ram)
                2 X 7950GT 570MHz 512MB SLI (169.04 driver, AFR2)
                BFG Ageia PhysX ( driver)(~40dBA - LOUD FAN)
                SB Live 24 bit (1.004.0055 driver)
                XP64 pro SP2 until Linux port arrives (AMD Dual-Core Optimizer)
                1600x1200, 3-3 quality, 38-85 FPS (I set a 85 FPS cap => refresh rate)
                1600x1200, 3-3 quality, 26-70 FPS PhysX maps
                UT3 ver. 1.1


                  Originally posted by madafaka View Post
                  It has been proven already that Software Physx that use processor core or gpu core in sli/crossfire to be way more efficient than hardware physx such as Ageia.
                  Havoc, the most popular software physx is the most popular and wildly use than Ageia(SDK). More than 200 games use software compared to Ageia with less than 30 games supported.
                  Games such as HalfLife 2 use software physx. If you are familiar with halflife 2, you notice that it has more advanced physx than any games supported by Ageia right now (except cellfactor maybe).
                  Furthermore, you dont even experience lag in Software physx based game such as Halflife 2.

                  By the way, Sony PS3 uses PhysX SDK. Therefore, those Ageia maps should logically be compatible on PS3 in terms of physx
                  you should also note that NO ONE is doing physics in GPU, period. it's there, but no one has programmed for it. at least not yet.

                  on TOP of that, it's only EFFECT physics, meaning it can ONLY handle physics that are just for show and that cannot affect gameplay (sure you can open a hole in the wall, but the flying debris itself can't hurt you).

                  how much more efficient can a CPU be, if ( a ) it has to share all its cores/processing time with other threads and ( b ) has nowhere near the parallelism of a PPU?

                  unfortunately for the PPU... the main problem is people only believe what they see (literally)... so developers have to concentrate on heavy graphics... doing physics for these same people means you have to SHOW a lot of physics (stuff flying around)... and that means you need a BEEFIER GPU... but people assume that the PPU is supposed to "alleviate" the GPU, which it isn't. it really does have to put MORE stress on the GPU.

                  why would you want to sacrific any part of a GPU (even in SLI/Crossfire)?

                  as for "Furthermore, you dont even experience lag in Software physx based game such as Halflife 2." OF COURSE NOT... DUH, they're programmed to be PLAYABLE... and that means, there's only enough physics to be noticed, but not enough to really shine. HL2 does NOT support ANY kind of physics hardware (including your "efficient GPUs")... so why would they implement enough physics to bog down a system?!? the stock of UT3 is designed similarly, not to bog down a system without a PPU. would you HONESTLY think they would do otherwise?

                  think of a car. why do we use cars with less than 200 hp? are they the only cars that companies can build? hell no... they can easily build cars that can go over 1000 hp (at least one or two companies can)... so then, why? a car with 1k hp needs a stronger body. it also needs to be heavier (so it doesn't fly off the ground), balanced so it doesn't skid... and buckets load more gas. and as a consumer, you're only willing to pay about $30k. putting an engine that can dump 1k hp into a car body that can handle about 250 hp is like putting FULLY accurate physics (INTERACTING raindrops, wind, etc) that REQUIRES the latest SUPERCOMPUTERS (Big Blue, CRAY, etc), into your desktop pc.

                  so they have to scale it down to work on desktop PCs... the goal of the PPU is to get you some more. is the physics in HL2 enough for you? well, apparently it is... but it's not for me.

                  i want the kind of physics that goes "hey, empty 50 gallon drum, lets kick it" and it moves a little, since even though its empty, it's still heavy, and i'm human. at best, it'll topple over and maybe start rolling. and then when i kick a FULL 50 gallon drum... it moves only slightly or even just makes a noise, but then it'll move (more) if its hit with something with a bit more "bang" like a car (or a rocket, assuming it doesn't explode). and if i kick a cardboard box it doesn't go flying 20 feet or explode, instead my foot just makes a nice little hole in it.

                  btw... you should call it by its correct NAME "physics" not "physx"... physx is just software that tries to mimic physics. and more specifically, the physx is specific software patented by Ageia.