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PS3 mod cooking update

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  • PS3 mod cooking update


    I just wanted to give you an update:

    We're very close to releasing an update to the Unreal Engine 3 editor, that comes with the PC version of UT3, that will allow UT3 mod-makers to cook their mods into the required PS3 format. We've been doing some internal testing and we're hoping to expand to a wider group tomorrow or Friday. If all goes well then we should see the update released next week which is what I expect will happen. Obviously the process works, as we put out a few mods before Christmas and people seem to be playing them, but it is the update to the editor that we're testing.

    Happy New Year!

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    NICE.... Thanks 4 Da Update


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      Thanks for updating


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        big news! thanks

        any info bout a ps3 patch?


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          yes, thanks again. To clarify, is the paperwork from Sony complete? In other words, is it too late for them to go back on this deal? Because I don't trust them.


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            Hey Mark what will the xbox version have on it when it comes out. Will it have the current mods and upcoming ones or will it just be the standard game.


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              Finally! w00t!


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                great news


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                  Cool. Good job.


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                    Excellent news Mark. Thanks.


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                      Good stuff

                      BTW any word on whats happening with Gears PC ? Many of us are still experiencing issues (me personally, stutter) and we havent heard anything in the way of an official "were fixing it" post or something

                      Anyhoot good news, once i finally start the map making malark (bought a second copy of UT3, Special Edition of course, just for the tutorials ), il be using this feature .


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                        Very nice to hear, hope the PC community is excited (and willing!) to start sharing with the PS3 players.


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                          nice to hear

                          thanks for the hard work


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                            Tanks for the Great

                            Thanks for the update and for all the **** that will go with it.
                            I hope to see this patch next week or I gone speak.

                            This game is the best and puts the best to the test.

                            Totol conversions that are extensive Mods are on the road to making dropped jaws.

                            Bigger maps with greater graphics what else could you want from the console masta's

                            Mods make games great when u dont need credit cards.

                            Thanks for the update My Niffa


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                              Sweet this is great news, Thanks.