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sick of non-playing clans? Read this ? [recruiting]

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    Originally posted by Sourpuss View Post
    A self-proclaimed "clan" is not a clan if it doesn't play against other clans in leagues and/or on ladders. Rather, it's just a community group.
    Well, it's "Arctic Gaming Community" with "Squads" for matches etc. in different games. But it doesn't feel like e union when you say you have different 'clans' on 1 community site.


      Originally posted by ZODI303 View Post
      i dont want to join you but i run a clan called DRIVEN BY BLOOD and we are tired of inactive clans and are looking for someone to play.....only a few teams play on gamebattles and gamersleague doesnt even have an unreal section! so if your clan is on gamebattles then send us a challenge.
      I checked the site, but it's for PS3 right ? Cause we all play on PC...


        ok ppl i got a new TS, the ip is :
        and it's got no PW on it

        It has 20 slots instead of 50, but 20 is still alot more then none