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How do you create maps in the PS3 version of UT3??

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    Originally posted by Sgt Showdown View Post
    We are talking about UT3 not the UT community as a whole... If more people are playing UT2004 those people are not goin to make UT3 maps and mods for the fun of it...
    Im sorry, I thought you were on about community mod support, which UT3 has plenty of, as you'd know if you'd check the link I posted.


      UT3 is a very new game. It will get better as time goes on (and I'm having a blast with it now). It would be sweet if the consoles could also create mods. Then I'd have even more choices to pick from when I play on my PC. There are a surprising number of mods already available for this game and I'm still playing the maps that came with the game.