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Xbox 360 version - 90%

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    It was obvious from the start this was a multi-platform title (PC; PS3 and Xbox 360). Hell, on the PC version you can use the Xbox 360 controller with a little bit of .ini file editing which means it has native Xinput coded in which is an Xbox 360 standard API.

    So, I am inclined to believe it will eventually come to the 360 within the next sixth to eight months unless Sony's exclusivity rights are for longer.

    As for the console wars vs. pc wars...

    Most of the people participating are highly immature. Some of you take this stuff way too seriously and you do come off like the nerd stereotypes you see in movies and TV shows. If you have to prove how big your e-***** is to a bunch of strangers on an anonymous internet message board... That is the definition of immature. Enough said.


      Lol Epic said they would get back to work on the 360 version after the holidays. They never said they haven't started working on it yet.

      360 has a better controller for FPS than PS3 = FACT
      360 has a better online community and interface = FACT
      360's voice support absolutely destroys PS3 and PC = FACT
      360 has a bigger Unreal fanbase than PS3 (UC,UC2) = FACT
      90% of the mods and maps that are made for UT3 are garbage = FACT


        Originally posted by Psychodrake View Post
        Please tell me you didn't just say the PS3 is better than the PC. I own a PS3 and a PC fitted with a GeForce 8800 GTS. Don't get me wrong, i love my PS3, but it can't out do a PC. Anyone and everyone should know that.

        Scheibenwischer - Its happening in every forum, i hate sticking up for a certain console as it turns it in to a console war so usually i just say PC > all and its resolved. Not in this case though =|
        Maybe "everyone" is sick and goddam tired of buying a new mobo, ram, GeFarcewhatever#, etc. I know I sure did. My family has 3 pc's in the house and not one of them is PCIE. I bought two ps3's and a 52" HDTV for less than ONE new PC would have cost. PC gaming is gradually DYING to console gaming because the manufacturers of hardware keep FISTING the community with way way way way way too many differences and upgrades.

        360's break left right and center = fact
        360 users are of an average 12 years old (or act less) = fact
        360 joysticks are the perfect shape for throwing through your red ring of doom = fact
        360 sucks for the same reason PC gaming sucks = Microslop.

        At least EVERY person with a ps3 who buys ut3 for the console will actually get a solid game experience, not dependant on what drivers or hardware your running. Not something PC users can lay claim too. Digging further you will find post after post complaining about the sorry state of UT3 online for the PC... low #'s, etc. Im not finding these complaints coming from the PS3 department.


          Too many flames, closing.