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    Thank you very much! It finally works!

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    Offline Name (Solution!)

    I've noticed several people want to change the name displayed in offline and/or LAN games without creating an online profile. I've searched the forums, and nobody seems to have found a permanent solution. I found a way to do it that won't change back whenever the map changes
    Since I found this very useful, I thought I'd post it here where other people can find it.

    1) If you haven't already, patch the game to 1.1
    2) If you haven't already, start the game, choose "Play offline" and edit your keys or customize you character's look. Then exit.
    3) In My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\SaveData you will find a file called Player.ut3profile. Make a back-up copy, then rename it to whatever you want your name to be (e.g. I renamed mine to ZamFear.ut3profile).
    4) Start UT3, and at the login screen, type in the name you chose in step 3 (no password). Click "Play Offline".

    That's all there is to it.

    If more than one person is going to be playing UT3 on a computer, you can copy and rename the default Player.ut3profile file several times, giving each player their own name. They just type in their name at the login screen, and the name will change appropriately. Also, each person gets their own keybinds, and I assume, campaign progress saved separately. So, several people can all play on the same machine without messing up each other's settings.

    If you need to recreate the default "Player" profile, just leave the name blank on the login screen, then do something save-worthy like changing a keybind, or customizing the character.

    Here's hoping 1.2 will make this rigamarole unnecessary...