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    Yea, green aka shad0w was our clan leader b4 he resigned, and his my age too so we're good buddies, i do reckon he has a project going on, he always does


    yep, glad to see ur on, get your buddies if u want, i mean, SA has only 5 players, and im sure not all 5 are gna be free at one and the same time, if a match happens, so it's good to have a few peeps on the bench


      yay LP! thats it bring in the cavalry

      @xplosiv, i didnt know he resigned, thats a bummer, I havent seen him on these forums for ages


        His still remotely active, not with UT though Ill ask him to drop in and say hi if i can

        Frag, may i grab your MSN (If you have one)? Good to have a modder online


          I dont use msn anymore sorry xplosiv, i gave it away a couple of years ago, after my list got outta my control lol. but u can pm me if you need to bring something to my attn. add me as a friend here if ya wish.


            Yep all done glad to see you will alpha test my map, needed a modder to help me on the more technical stuffs

            Btw, pics of my alpha map, DM-NightVice can be found here!


              I will gladly help with tech stuff where i can, Ive learnt a fair bit making my two maps, but my knowledge base still does have some holes in it unfortunately. If i know the answer ill be happy to help


                Hey there, Just representing. I'm not technically Australian, but I live in Australia and I love it here. I'm also looking for some great people to game with.

                -Paul (AKA Kazeohin)


                  Nishe, have i seen you around on the servers? Your name rings a bell in my head lol

                  btw, my dead..i made a fatal error, nd it died


                    Hi everyone - xPloSiV told me about the questions, thought I'd drop in for a bit. He is right though: I always have a project, in one form or another. I'm just not always 100% on task . I've just been really busy lately with things, and the clan burnt me out of UT 3 due to overuse I could say. Everyone who know me knows I'll be back - I swear there are subliminal messages in the Unreal games.

                    Good to know people are thinking of me FragTastic .

                    - Green_Day_584 (aka. Shad0wSn1per)


                      hey kazeohin, lovely to see you representing. Love your maps, sure we cant claim you as aussie? lol

                      Lovely to seeya dropby greenday584, ive missed our chats lol. Understand about the burnout thing, think ive been **** cose a few times myself.

                      Sorry for the late reply all, ive been busy off learning new mapping crafts.

                      So now that youve recovered nightvice xplosiv, is there an alpha yet?......
                      [EDIT] Errrrrr scratch that, lol. I just found it in full releases. Congrats mate!


                        Fragtastic, Got anything new in tha worx?
                        I'm slowly getting through Babylon..slowly being the operative word there. Got distracted by Dead Space (which I highly recommend ) for a week or two there but I've been back on track this week and I'm hoping to have an Alpha ready next week...

                        Anyways I plan to give the state vs state comp a go so I'll probably be getting owned like a noob by some of yaz when it's on...
                        I should probably get some practice in the meantime though.... That way us South Auzzies can kick everyones butt!!


                          Hey Lord_Porksword, was only wondering how you were going with that yesterday, lol. Fantastic news im looking fwd to being able to give it a burl!
                          As for me hmmm now theres a scary tale lol. Um yerh ive started something but its going to be a fair way away, the project is quite a large undertaking and i once again have to learn much more to do what i want to do, so could be a while. Im hoping to achieve 100% custom content, this may not be completely necessary for this map, but will be for the 4th one which has, unfortunately been kicking round my subconscious begging to be born lol.
                          So im trying to learn modelling atm, which seems to be a lot harder now there is always a screaming baby in the background and i am starting to make some headway although I still have much to learn. I have about 8 custom meshes, I have constructed so far for the level. Most of them are complete but need a little help with proper lightmapping which im still trying to learn atm. I have decided for this level that im going to duplicate structural meshes with orig structure so i have a design, but no early alpha layout like i did with beesting which was out so fast after my first release. I am trying to improve efficiency as the size of this project, im finding quite daunting. It makes it a lot of work without me making extra bumbling round with it. Also given the rumours of a UT3.5 I can stockpile mesh assets and see whether there is a new engine to put them in when im done lol.. could take me a couple of months just to make the meshes to put in, then make another skydome and then finally actually get back to work on the level. The level itself is only a part shell at this stage basement and part of the ground floor. So its really hard to tell atm, it just depends how things go. Ive been screwing round with one arch mesh for a couple of days now, made it decided it wasnt good enough, remade it, loved the outcome it but now worried that its come out a bit too chunky and wondering whether to start again with a third try *sigh* sux being a n00b at these things lol. Anyhows i estimate ive got at least 40 meshes to craft and ive got 7 nearly complete and 3 part complete so god knows if ill even manage to finish it thats why ive stayed mum on it this far :P Saves me the stress of public failure, still with my mapping history i should be used to it by now lol
                          Gave dm-orbitaldecay a whirl yesterday when i was having a moment when i felt like throwing the **** at the wall yesterday actually..... lol. Ive really been enjoying wandering thru my many maps, rather than staring at that one map im making. I always find it very humbling doing so. How much time I put into each map i make and how many thousands of hours of work from so many people to make the fat stack of maps i enjoy so much, whether they be popular favourites or lesser known ones I still love for an occasional blast of variety. I still havent even tried nightvice yet, despite having downloaded it. Sometimes I wish I was still just a player its so much easier, and there is so much out there to enjoy, but the beauty of creation is fantastic, even though its laborious.
                          Anyhooooows ive rabbited on too long as per usual lol... looking fwd to the alpha great news mate and hope ya well


                            anyone who thinks there a hardcore UT player watch this video . You may be surprised at the dedication it takes LMAOOOOOO

                            Ummm yerh if youve got kids maybe dont click on it with them round lol

                            [EDIT] Heres the same star at work with UT3 PMSL....


                              Just like to wish all the aussie, kiwi and other peeps who have posted in this thread over the last 12 months a very merry christmas and best wishes for 2009, hope to seeya all serverside

                              In other news:
                              -DM-Nightvice can be played on the gamingsa server
                              -Ill be putting out a DM-Beesting_SE beta out soon, for a final look over by the community before release
                              -Does anyone have any results on the state vs. state challenge?