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incoming manta vs on foot player help/tips?

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    It is kind of gay when I'm on a VCTF server playing Suspense and there is some guy spawn camping with a Manta--I can't even get the weapon locker before I'm dead.


      Originally posted by kaluro View Post
      Originally posted by InvadrZIM
      not true. i've hit many mantas head on or on the top with avrils and it doesn't kill em
      It's very true. They go down in one hit, not two, not three, but one.

      Now, the netcode not registering the avril impact is a whole other story.
      Actually, InvadrZIM is correct. Usually, an avril is a one-hit-wonder with mantas, but it's not 100%. Besides non-registering avrils (which seem to happen more frequently in ut3 than in ut2k4), I've seen mantas that survive an avril hit. Maybe it was the angle of the hit or maybe the terrain? Who knows. I've also seen a player get ejected from the hit, both the player and vehicle still undestroyed.


        Secondary Minigun fire will help keep 'em off you for a few seconds.


          there is also the alt fire on the Impact hammer, can do like 150 damage vs. Manta...Scorpion is almost always the best way to take a manta down tho as it tends to kill the driver but allow your own team to then hijack the manta... if they have the sence to do it.


            Originally posted by kaluro View Post
            I always pick on manta's for as long as I have avril ammo, just to **** the random blonde guy in the manta looking for easy kills, off.
            Yeah that's what I do sometimes, especially on sinkhole. I run away making it look like I haven't got anything on me that can take them to lure them into a tight spot and then I blast their face with the avril.


              45 degrees was certainly the angle in ut2004 - but I tend to find that in UT3 due to the faster avril and faster rotation of the avril that a slightly shallower angle is needed.

              I agree though that with the hits not registering I've encountered, that it's always been when the avril hit full on - so a 30 degree angle or so on the avril's fire seems to work.

              You would be amazed how tricky you can make it to be run over. As with the whole of the ut series, you need to master a vehichle yourself to know how to counter it. Good manta pilots are awfully difficult footsoldiers to run over. So spend time in a manta, take notice of your turning circles.

              And lastly - as has been said - always pack an Avril.

              A scorpion should sort out any spawncamping idiots. I will always find a scorpion whenever I pick up on the death messages that somebody is having a spree in a manta, and will go hunting.